What is Numerology?

What does your name really say about you and how does your birthday reveal the path your life will follow? 

Numbers are symbols used to convey an idea or an abstraction. As one of the most primitive elements of organization in the human mind, they can be used by the unconscious as a primary ordering factor. These symbols serve to draw upon themselves certain characteristics and qualities that naturally belong together and are related.

Intuitively, we perceive the underlying principles inherent within everything. Numbers then help to organize these principles into some form comprehensible by the mind. The Universe demonstrates a series of repetitive cycles or stages that always present a birth, a growth, and a death. These stages are also reflected in human life and suggest that we too are subject to this perpetual cycle.

Pythagoras, a 6th-century Greek philosopher, mathematician, musician, and mystic, was one of the founding fathers of Numerology. Although more commonly known for his Pythagorean theorem, he proposed that numbers 1-9 were vibrations and that each correlated to a specific human characteristic. These nine vibrations also reflected the successive stages throughout life.  This idea leads the way to the development of western numerology – Pythagorean numerology.

Numerology is a metaphysical science that studies the meanings of names and numbers; it is based on the idea that your birth name and birth date express who you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Furthermore, Numerology shows us how to engage in our journey through life; by understanding the personality of each number and the cycle we are living in. As such, the meaning of our experiences and how they relate to the bigger picture – our lives – becomes clearer to recognize. 

Over the years Numerology has evolved into an organized system for assessment. It is extremely useful for viewing the complex nature of a personality with its many nuances and contradictions. Numerology adds meaning to our life by highlighting the connections between our inner and outer environments. What’s happening outside of us is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. Our challenge is to balance these extremes as a way of experiencing the essence or creation of life.

Numerology reflects the deeper nature of everything in life!