Adrienne’s Monthly Tarotscope

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign
and offer you my insights.



Moon (6 of Cups)

Oh, the sweet temptation of sentimentality. How memories can so easily lull you into a fog of forgetfulness. Your past is like a phantom luring you into a state of reverie, distorting your reality through a kaleidoscope of elusive memories. Yet when the clouds of idealism dissipate, the uncomfortable truth of what lies behind the illusion appears. Oh shit, what now?! Even though it might feel good to pretend that all is fine, don’t fool yourself into believing it is. Something or someone from your past resurfaces demanding that you confront unresolved issues. Childhood patterns of avoidance will not help you deal with your feelings of uncertainty. Dig deep and pull out those roots of insecurity. When you know your worth, you won’t need to settle for elusive scraps of connection. You deserve to be loved in the present.


High Priestess (6 of Swords)

A peaceful mind is the foundation of a good life and the necessary feature of developing strong intuition. Your intuition is like a radio that needs to be tuned in order to be clearly heard. Competing frequencies of doubt, desire and expectation create interference in the field of knowing. Sure, you might hear a quick message now and again just like you do when you hit search on a radio. But to really hear, you must tune in and block out. Busyness and fear create chaos in the mind because they generate anxiety leading to mental chatter instead of stillness. You must learn how to suspend assumptions, let go of rational explanations, and engage your active imagination. All of this requires focus! Put down your cell phones, look away from your computers, and go within. Start small and sit for 5 minutes in nature. Get a deck of tarot cards and stare at one card for 5 minutes. Listen to ambient music while burning incense and closing your eyes. These practices are not instant but will channel a more direct connection to peace and intuition.



Hanged Man (9 of Cups)

Jesus was quoted as saying, “blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” The subtle wisdom in this statement speaks to the importance of humility, gentleness and patience. The virtues that if cultivated, offer us all that earth has to offer. If the desires of a greedy world have led you astray, confusing your definition of happiness with having instead of being, then this is the mantra for you. Sometimes not getting what you want is a blessing in disguise as are the inconvenient delays that force more time. If you can learn how to leverage moments of discomfort, you will inherit greater vision and an abundance of resources. Surrender to struggle, find meaning in the emptiness and take comfort in your own self-awareness. There’s nothing worth having if it means you must compromise who you are. Meekness is not weakness, it’s a reverence for the interconnectedness of all. When you realize you are a part of everything, there is no forcing, only waiting.



Fool (8 of Wands)

And just like that, everything can change! Well, at least sometimes it feels that way. The pace of life is pretty consistent; there are bursts of activity and short lulls of calmness. Once you start paying attention to human nature, the patterns are fairly predictable. People don’t deviate too far from their own baseline of security. The spikes of excitement are often brought about by sudden external changes or relational drama, even the pursuit of adventure can be safely packed into a vacation. But what to do about that itching wanderlust, that desire for something more, something greater? You’re mistaking if you think some grand gesture like a new relationship, job change, or move will scratch that itch. It’s the small things, the expansion of your comfort zone, the change of habits, the meaningful moments when you remember how precious and fleeting life is. In these moments, we dare to leap out and experience life more vividly. Don’t wait to be forced out of your zone and don’t expect that something out there will change your life. It’s a confluence of internal and external elements that promote meaningful change. Go for it!



Empress (10 of Wands)

A mother’s love is supposed to be unconditional, right? She nurture’s and cares for you, sacrificing her own needs for yours. She is gentle and kind, patient and fun. Sound like your mother or you as a mother? Probably not! Let’s face it, caretaking is hard work especially if there is no reward, respite or recognition. Your mother probably did the best she could, and others did not, but rather than lament what was missing or what you can’t live up to, focus on how you continue to nurture yourself. Self-care is paramount to good health and happiness. It’s also more than getting manicures and massages (not that there’s anything wrong with that), it’s about setting boundaries with others and yourself. It’s about balancing your work and family life, speaking to yourself kindly and honestly, encouraging yourself rather than expecting others to validate you. Your stress can be alleviated when you tend to your emotional needs first. You’ve currently got a lot on your plate and need to either delegate responsibility or ask for help. There’s no shame in admitting that you need support and no badge of honor for sacrificing your own emotional health for another. Be extra kind to yourself this month.



Wheel of Fortune (5 of Wands)

Happy birthday to you! What a fortuitous card to usher in your new year. Your year of change starts out with some dynamic tension, but not worry, dear Virgo, you just got to lean into it. Your mantra is “what you resist persists.” Keep this in mind when you stubbornly try to maintain the status quo or when you attempt to avoid confrontation. If you invest in these oppositional behaviors, you will meet more chaos than you know what to do with. The paradox is to move into the discomfort, to challenge the control patterns you’ve been accustomed to and to change your relationship with change. Those who’ve been actively working on personal and professional goals, this is your year to grow. Personal growth quickens when you are willing to untangle the internal complexes that drive your behavior. Awareness alone will not lead to evolution; you need to weave together awareness and action. Walk your talk, correct your flaws, leverage your talents, dance like no one’s watching. Goals with plans will succeed while ideas without will dissipate. Those embroiled in relational conflict, there’s great opportunity to either strengthen the bond, redefine the terms, or lose dead weight. Make a choice and follow through.



Judgment (10 of Pentacles)

It is the human condition to wonder about our purpose in life. We seek to find meaning, lament our very existence when something bad happens, and become depressed when we feel lost. The ubiquitous question needs to be reframed from what is the purpose to where is my purpose. Similarly, the meaning of life is not all that mysterious when you shift your focus to: the meaning of life is - to give meaning to life. This is your life my friend, your chance to do something purposeful with what you got. Pondering philosophical possibilities or bemoaning the unfairness of life will lead you down an existential worm hole. Instead of wanting what you don’t have, appreciate what you do. Find meaning in the madness, value in the sadness and humor in the rest of it. Most of all, don’t compare yourself to others. This one practice alone will change your life. Look around, the life you are living is the life you are creating. If you want to feel more purpose, then do something purposeful. One small consistent change will alter your life. Change the story you tell yourself about you, let go of your past, forgive your trespassers and make the most of what you’ve got. This is it – what do you want to do with it?



Magician (8 of Swords)

“O what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive.” The mind is a cunning storyteller. It spins beliefs out of assumptions, thoughts out of impressions and stories out of expectations. All of which is not real but only a representation of what is perceived. How then can you adequately capture the true nature of reality? You can’t! Plato’s allegory of the cave explained this in terms of what we see being akin to shadows on the wall. Great read but too deep to analyze here. Your love of strategy may have you trapped this month as something you are trying to have control over is more trouble than it’s worth. In your careful analysis of what position to take, what right thing to say, how much to share you’ve spun a web and are likely stuck. Remember that your truth is not the truth so rather than trying to convince or control the situation, try negotiating. Put yourself out there honestly and you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. That is, if you are looking for peace of mind. Much of your stress and anxiety is a self-inflicted side effect of over thinking.



Sun (Knight of Cups)

You’ve got the reputation of the eternal optimist; the one who always looks on the bright side, sees the cup as half full and is eager to learn your lesson and move on. What a glorious way to skip down the yellow brick road of life, that is until you hit a pothole, or spread yourself so thin that you collapse. The adventure of life offers many opportunities to grow either in breadth or depth, and sometimes both. Knowledge is collected along the way through an assortment of activities, studies, travel, conversations, life experiences; wisdom is earned through self-reflection, application of knowledge, stillness. The breadth of knowledge can be transformed into the depth of wisdom when you are patient with yourself and tolerant of discomfort. Don’t be so quick to get on with it. Swim around in those feelings for a while. There’s an emotional surprise coming your way: a proposal, a love affair, an inspired vision, a creative project, a renewed feeling of hope. Keep loving life and burning your fire. We need you.



Chariot (6 of Wands)

Success is part attitude and part ability. You can be capable, smart, and talented but if you’re not determined, focused and honest your greatest attempts at success will be short lived, shallow or complete failures. It’s not always what you do that matters as much as how you do. People will remember how you made them feel, what it was like being around you more than they will what you did. You have a powerful presence that can unintentionally intimidate or push others away. Equally, when you’re aware of your attitude and in control of your behavior, you can motivate people like no other. As a natural leader, it’s your destiny to be a role model to others. For those less confident and immature Capricorns, you’ll struggle with feeling respected until you respect yourself. Don’t engage in trivial matters – choose your battles wisely. If you manage your ego’s need to be right, you’ll be honored this month for your outstanding attitude and loyalty. Be sure that you too dole out the praise and honor to those around you. Someone is trying very hard to impress you, at least give them a little wink.



Hermit (Knight of Swords)

Alone time – too much or too little – this is the question. You’re one of those interesting people that are both incredibly social and introspective. Your need for quiet alone time is paramount to recharging, however, you find yourself in busy circumstances in which there is little time for it. The other extreme is that you may isolate, becoming so involved in your internal world of thoughts and ideas that you forget people exist. As with everything, there is a balance, a middle way, a bridge. Mental chaos is caused by too much and too little, so your lesson is to create moments of peace within chaos. You smarty pants probably know what I’m going to say next: meditation and breath strengthen your minds ability to tolerate stress while activating your bodies system of relaxation. You don’t need to avoid people because they stress you out, just like you don’t need to keep busy to avoid feeling alone. You’ve reached your max on one side of the extreme and need to find your way back to center. Watch who you surround yourself with this month, no need for extra drama.



Lovers (5 of Pentacles)

Why do you like what you like? Why are you attracted to one thing and not another or even more confusing, why does your attraction wax and wane? Interests and attractions are fickle at best and life shattering at worst. Some of the most devastating disappointments arise when love loses its passion, when falling out of love feels like the end of the world, when your life’s work loses its meaning. How to recover from this, how to love again, how to find meaning? Ask yourself what is enduring, check in with your values and be sure that you are aligned with them. To help you reevaluate whether you’re following your deepest heart’s desires, relationships are tested. In romantic relationships, passion evolves into companionship because love is a choice, not a fleeting feeling. In work, maybe you either do a job or pursue a calling. Neither is right or wrong so much as it needs to be an extension of your values and aspirations. Suffering occurs when you live a contradiction or are guided by a religion of ‘should’s.’ Check in and see where your heart is; chances are, there’s been some changes you haven’t be aware of.