Personal Year Number

What Cycle are you in this Year?

The Personal Year is a year-long cycle of energy, running from one birthday to the next. It describes the events and opportunities being presented for the upcoming year. The personal years run sequentially 1, 2, 3, … up to 9 at which point they start over again.

Life is based on cycles and we too are subject to these cycles. Numerology posits 9 stages of development we must successively pass through as we evolve and mature. Life is a journey in which we encounter the same themes over and over. Although the events may be slightly different, the underlying principle remains the same.

Each number, one through nine, is assigned certain characteristics that tend to symbolically correlate to the nine stages of the human life cycle. People are continually incorporating these cycles throughout their lives.

Your Personal Year Number becomes a stage for this development, pointing out certain themes present to help facilitate this. Knowing your Personal Year Number helps you identify the most appropriate time to: 

  • enter/end a relationship

  • make a shift in your career or in your home life

  • start a business

  • make a major purchase

Your Personal Year Number will reveal much about the influences and events you will be experiencing, therefore this can prove to be an excellent guide in determining what to expect in any given cycle and how to profit most by staying in harmony with your particular vibration.

The simple formula to figure out your Personal Year Number is this: 

First, take the number of your birth month + your birth day + current calendar year.

For example, my birth month is September (9), my birthday is the 1st (1), and the current year is 2012. Now, reduce each of those three numbers to a single digit by adding them together. 9 and 1 are already single digits – but, 2012 is four digits, so add 2 + 0 + 1 + 2, which is 5. 

Once you have taken your birth month, date, and current year and reduced all of the numbers to a single digit, you add them all together. Again, we need to get to a single digit! So, for myself, I would add 9 for September, 1 for my birth date, and 5 for the year 2012.

9 + 1 + 5 = 15 / 1+5=6, so my Personal Year Number at my birthday is a 6. (Note: I’m still in a 5 until September)

1: Action, Beginnings, Opportunities, Originality

This is a year for opportunities and beginnings, a time to initiate all of those dreams or ideas you have been incubating. It is all about you this year and how you distinguish yourself from others. This is not such an ideal period to enter into new relationships, though. It is more important to develop a strong relationship with yourself and become more aware of whom you are and what it is you want out of life. There will be a strong thrust of independence that pushes you to do things originally and fearlessly. 

Opportunities will present themselves in every avenue of your life. However, it is up to you to seize these possibilities with a measure of decisive action, for they are only as good as you make them. For those in an existing relationship, if it is a positive one there are profound developments that may occur to initiate a new level. This could, for example, suggest a marriage or a birth or some other great change. For other not-so-healthy relationships, a breakup could be in the works. The silver-lining here is that this will clear the path for fresh opportunities to be presented!

2: Relationships, Cooperation, Balance, Peace

This year is softer than the last year. There will be strong emotional sensitivities trying to find their way into something receptive, often times through relationship. You may find yourself drawn to many different people or you may try to reconcile existing partnerships or you may find yourself strongly focused upon one intimate relationship. There is a measure of compassion that permeates all aspects of your life, as you seek your reflection in that of another. If you are in a relationship there may be a new balance that is struck or a refinement that is achieved. In work, you may find yourself working closely with others. Understanding and cooperation are the keys to your success. You will come to realize that you need to receive and share, rather than push and assert. This is a potential year of peace and harmony — a year for mending and moving away from old pains.

3: Self-Expression, Creativity, Planning

This year is full of creativity, new ideas, dreams, and optimism all waiting to be shouted from the top of the hill to anyone who will listen. You may find yourself in intriguing social circles, like school, discussing things you’ve always wondered about, or you may finally make the contacts needed to pursue a desired venture. Information of every kind will be swirling around you, waiting for you to grab a hold. You are like a magnet and will attract many admirers! There is something carefree about you that others will thrive on. For those not in a serious relationship, anything casual and fun will be best for you because there is a tendency in a three year to fall in love with love; not necessarily with the other person, so it may be best not to start anything serious until next year. People in a relationship need to have room to express themselves like the horse let out to pasture. Being shackled in or held to limitations will cause tension and struggles. The insights you have this year should not be shelved. Keep a journal or start talking to people. These are the seeds that can produce your visions and this is the season to sew them!

4: Work, Practicality, Security, Stagnation

This year you are building the foundations for the future, so you can imagine the amount of work you will be participating in! Security will be of paramount importance as you begin to structure your life accordingly. For example, the menial tasks of life will become more important: saving money, paying the bills, or fixing your house. All of these things sustain the practicalities and provide the foundation that is necessary to grow. Due to the feeling of maintenance and holding onto security, there can be a tendency to stagnate. Although your intentions may be to see it through, stagnating in the avenue of outworn relationships or unfulfilling jobs is self-defeating and will dilute your natural effort. This is a period of building foundations, not standing still. This year will be best experienced through self-discipline and organization. You have the ability to structure your life in a way that allows for maximum comfort; just be sure that you are still growing in your personal and emotional life while you are doing so!

5: Freedom, Change, Discovery, Travel

This year should be viewed as an adventure. Things as you know it will be different. Traditionally this is the hardest year for people to deal with; particularly those not accustomed to change. However, once you understand that this is a year for exploration, then there are many buried treasures to discover! You are in the stage of expansion, both physically and mentally. There may be pursuits in the name of knowledge that cause you to search into unfamiliar territories, such as metaphysics, or literally, you will be doing some traveling to other places as a way of experiencing culture and diversity. Freedom is the biggest issue. If you feel restricted in any area of your life you can bet that there will be disruption, be it in a relationship, work, home environment, or really any self-imposed limitation. You are being challenged to make a personal transition. It is up to you to take the risks that will facilitate this change. Get outside the box, do things unconventionally, let your curiosity run rampant! If you don’t take advantage of this freedom, it will be another nine years until you can.

6: Family, Service, Sacrifice, Health

This year you will have the opportunity to find a greater sense of harmony and inner peace, especially within the family unit. This is usually the time that people begin to desire a marriage or a family. However, if you are in a relationship that has underlying tension, you will need to recommit yourself to the domestic scene or it may well result in a divorce. If you are working too much, then now is the time to balance your home life with work, even if you have to get a new job to do this. Your responsibility needs to be to your family. There may be an elderly parent that requires some of your assistance or a distant family member that emerges in importance. Whatever the situation is be sure to comply. Nurturing and helping others will be expected of you. Your friends may need you more than before and people you barely know may seek your advice. Be prepared to give. With all this sacrificial behavior, don’t neglect your health. Sometimes there is a tendency to work so hard that you neglect your bodies needs. So, while your caring for everyone else, be sure to do the same for yourself. Balance is the key.

7: Self-Analysis, Study, Introspection,
Crisis of faith

This year will be a contemplative one. It’s time to journey inside yourself, to be alone and reexamine your goals, relationships, and behaviors. You may find yourself drawn to spiritual or philosophical subjects as a way of understanding the hidden truths of life. There is something about these ideas that fit your current frame of mind. This is an ideal time to seek wisdom, either from within yourself or from that of a counselor or healer. Your intuition is magnified this year and you may have psychic flashes or dreams that even shock you. These are the insights from your unconscious, which are trying to help you tap into your power. You may be seeking perfection in all areas of your life. In this light, this is a great time to start diets or detoxifying programs anything that allows you to feel pure. Beginning relationships will be difficult this year and there may be a break up if you have a current one. This time is about getting reacquainted with the essence of who you are and unfortunately, it is necessary to do this alone.

8: Power, Responsibility, Finances, Prosperity

This is the year to own and direct your power in a deliberate and efficient way that will extract the best possible results. Issues of authority may arise in the process because you feel like an executive and want to administer your own resources. People are going to be aware of this and will look for your guidance. There is something quite practical about your approach that really appeals to others. Finances become extremely important in the way that you deal with them. Potentially this is a great year for accrual. If you acquire money through your own productivity it will grow into amazing dividends. However, if you are not handling your money properly or merely pursuing money for greed and status this could easily become a time of loss as well. There is so much power in this year that if you don’t step up and claim it, it may end up claiming you. If you have been responsible in the past then you don’t have anything to worry about, but if you haven’t…

9: Endings, Giving, Integration, Emotion

This year is about letting go and finishing up. You will feel a strong emotional bond to things and people, which may cause you to hold on rather than release, even to hurtful memories or bad situations. You need to forgive and forget if you want to find closure and peace of mind. You can feel free to leave the past behind and prepare for the future! You can now examine your losses and gains in order to learn and integrate these experiences. This is a great time to use the wisdom from those events as a way to help others. There may be an inner calling to help society in some way through compassionate and altruistic means. This is generally not a good time to begin relationships or embark on a new business venture. However, it is a good time to begin thinking about a new vision to start on next year. Most importantly there needs to be a measure of understanding that can be used in this reflective process.