Number Meanings

Each letter corresponds to a particular number. Note that each double-digit number must be reduced to a single digit, by adding them together. For example, the letter “w” is a 23 – 2+3=5; therefore, the letter “w” is a “5”.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

 Listed below are the general characteristics of each number. Keep in mind that people are a compilation of different numbers. A numerology chart is composed of over fifteen positions, of which, I focus on six core numbers. To learn more about these positions and how to find them, take a look at the Core Numbers & Formulas page.


1’s are mentally creative with original ideas; however, they are better at delegating than follow through.

1’s have very independent attitudes that can come across as a know-it-all. They are great leaders that are confident with being center stage; however, they can appear demanding, self-centered, and arrogant.

1’s are ambitious, assertive and not afraid to take action; however, they are impulsive, impatient, aggressive, and willful.

1’s prefer to have their own autonomy and would be great at any job that allows for independence, entrepreneurialism, and innovation.

2’s are emotionally sensitive and attuned to people and their environment; however, they can be hypersensitive, moody, and needy.

2’s work well with others and are diplomatic, friendly, patient, supportive, and value politeness; however, they tend to be passive, codependent, acquiescent, and self-deprecating.

2’s are excellent with details and timing, their use of persuasion and intuition makes them great business people; however, they can be very manipulative, critical, and indecisive.

2’s prefer working in/with relationships and would be great at accounting, designing, or mediating.


3’s are good with words – writing, speaking, singing, selling, or teaching they need self-expression. They are curious, artistic, creative, and imaginative; however, they can often be overly scattered, idealistic, and dramatic.

3’s are enthusiastic, optimistic, and cheerful; however, they tend towards superficiality, moodiness, insincerity, and hyperactivity.

3’s are friendly, sociable, and love to have fun; however, they can be childish, lazy, and overindulgent.

3’s prefer versatility, mental stimulation, and social activity. They would be good at teaching, acting, promotion, and writing.


4’s are organized, dependable, practical, and serious. They are conscientious about doing things the right way; however, they can be overly rigid, conservative, and judgmental.

4’s are industrious, hard-working, and reliable; however, they can easily become workaholics and overly focused on security.

4’s are honest, persevering, and plan well; however, they can be stubborn, emotionally immature, and blunt.

4’s prefer to work on projects that require structure and organization. They work well with their hands and would be most productive in jobs that facilitate their natural skills.


5’s are adventurous, progressive and multitalented. They have quick minds that are clever and analytical; however, without new experiences and stimulation, they are prone to boredom and restlessness.

5’s value freedom and versatility and their approach is often unconventional and spontaneous; however, they can be impatient, noncommittal, and careless. 

5’s love novelty and are thrilled by taking risks. They are physical, charismatic, witty, and humorous; however, they have problems with moderation and tend toward hedonism and recklessness.

5’s prefer projects that allow for adaptability, travel, and creativity. Their magnetism draws people to them. They would do well as teachers, entertainers, or promoters. They are very talented at seeing the potentials that others miss.


6’s are nurturing, responsible, generous, and understanding. Family and friends are very important to them and they are devoted to helping others. However, their sentiments can be misinterpreted as meddlesome, and they tend toward codependency.

6’s are concerned with the rights of others especially the oppressed, they work to create harmony in relationships and the environment; however, they can be sacrificial, self-righteous, and set in their ways.

6’s are affectionate, sentimental, traditional, honest, and very creative; however, they are idealistic, brooding, doubtful, and resentful, if not appreciated.

6’s prefer projects in which they can be serviceable and creative. Their eye for beauty and sensitivity makes for a great artist, musician, therapist, lawyer, police officer, or teacher.


7’s are introspective, analytical, and observant. They are deep thinkers who need to know and figure out answers for themselves. They are scholarly and discriminating; however, they can be skeptical, dogmatic, and perfectionistic.

7’s are private and have a unique approach to life. They often require time alone to unwind and can be seen as eccentric or reclusive. Although, they are very intuitive, they often rely on logic to explain their reasoning.

7’s feel deeply but have difficulty expressing their feelings and often feel lonely. They are scientific, religious, or spiritual – searching for meaning to their existence – however, their search can easily lead them to avoiding reality and exploring forbidden taboos.

7’s prefer to work alone and need to feel intellectually challenged. They are concerned with improvement and understanding human nature. They would be excellent psychologists, doctors, scientists, professors, or actors.


8’s are powerful, ambitious, and determined. They need to feel in control and have a hard time trusting authority. They search for practical ways to apply their knowledge.

8’s are efficient, capable, and goal-oriented; however, they can be demanding, ruthless, egotistical, and domineering.

8’s seek material satisfaction, have a good business sense, and are very strategic; however, they can be devious, manipulative, and forceful.

8’s prefer to be in charge and would do well if given a position with status. They are great at business, administrative, or managerial positions. They are also visionaries with acute people reading skills and an innate understanding of how to make an idea profitable.


9’s are compassionate, imaginative, tolerant, and broadminded. They value the big picture and have an innate wisdom about life. However, their sensitivity can make them an easy target.

9’s are giving in the way of affection, friendship, and attention; however, their self-sacrificial ways causes deep feelings of resentment and victimization. They often lose their self to others.

9’s are philosophical, spiritual, and humanistic; however, their lofty ideals sometimes make it hard to relate to them and they are often disappointed by others.

9’s prefer to do something for the greater good. They have an exceptional ability to find solutions to social problems. They would be good at politics, clergy, academia, holistic medicine, or artistry.