Marie Marolf

I am a psychotherapist in Michigan. I am basically skeptical of what I consider to be “the unknown”. I consider myself to be an intelligent self-sufficient woman who rarely seeks guidance from others and never from someone that I do not know on a personal level.

I can tell you with complete honesty that Adrienne was profoundly helpful to me. She was clearly knowledgeable and insightful. She was sensitive to what my concerns were and she remained focused on my priorities throughout the session.

I found the information that I received from her to be extremely useful as well as reassuring and productive. I would not hesitate to go back to her and I have recommended her to many others who have had a similar experience.

Psychotherapist, Michigan

Angel Bartlett

I really didn’t know what to expect during my first session with Adrienne, I was going through a time in my life where I was searching for something about myself but just couldn’t put my finger on it. I was hoping a reading would help me to figure that out or even give me some event or forecast to look forward to.

My very first experience with Adrienne was beyond my expectations. While I told myself to be open-minded about what she might have to say – I was quickly amazed about how the session focused on the real core me. This wasn’t about telling my future or forecasting an event (which would have been fine); this was about me really living and embracing who I am.

My experience with Adrienne has been exciting and so meaningful – I am not focused on how things in my life are going to turn out, rather believing in myself and really living in the moments and in my journey.

Sr. Systems Analyst, San Diego

Janet L. Spivey

I have been working with Adrienne Abeyta for three years now. I find Adrienne has many clear insights and practical advice for those things and actions I have not thought of using in my growth. I think of us as a “team” and am grateful for Adrienne’s friendship, perception, and knowledge.

I appreciate Adrienne’s interpretation of the tarot cards and astrology. It seems apropos to the moment for understanding better what is currently happening and what issues I need to address and heal. Working with Adrienne was definitely worth the investment of time and money.

Retired Music Teacher


Adrienne is always very professional and manages her business with a great deal of integrity. She genuinely cares and is never “hokey” or vague. I appreciate her ability to deliver very personal information with empathy and support.

In my first session with Adrienne, I was looking for some insight regarding a very difficult phase I was going through. Adrienne’s insight shed light on upcoming career (and life) changes which would have been very difficult to handle if I had not been prepared. Her feedback gave me the time I needed to manage my career transition with confidence instead of fear. I will definitely contact Adrienne when I feel I need coaching or guidance in the future.

Business Development (and mom of two), San Diego

Michael Nevski

What strikes me most about Adrienne’s ability is her wonderful empathy. This support allowed me to dig very deeply and come up with insights I’d never brought fully to the surface before. Adrienne’s gentle questions and powerful insight continues to bring me the ‘ah-ha’s’ that reveal self-knowledge.

Brand Manager, Denver

Jeff T

My continued journey to address the challenges of being human - whether it be addressing past pain, evolving my relationship behavior with others and myself, finding a deeper sense of purpose, or seeking long-lasting peace and calmness - would never have been as timely nor effective without the love and guidance of Adrienne. Her deep listening and personal interaction skills coupled with her amazing spiritual intuition have made such a positive and long-lasting impact on my life. I cannot remember one time in the last two years that I have not left a session without either experiencing an epiphany, a better sense of direction, or both. Every person I have referred has echoed this same feeling. Thank you, Adrienne, for being in my life and giving so much of yourself to help others.

Katie Powers

Adrienne – everyone was extremely impressed with your talents! You were so accurate with your readings on so many of us, we were amazed! You did such a great job with keeping us all engaged and interested, despite the large number in our group. Thanks for helping to make our party a hit!

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Paul Marwood

I am not big into astrology but acknowledge it is very real and the information you provided and the professional way you delivered it was totally awesome and gave me a renewed appreciation. I learned things about my wife from that reading I didn’t know, even though I live with her. That speaks for what you delivered. I have listened to the recording, written many notes on the information and things I need to do to work on myself. I/we will definitely be doing more readings with you.

Co-Founder Of Soul Genesis