“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”


It is my highest intention to serve those who seek a path of meaning.

If you are searching for guidance and support that is grounded in a deep reverence for the soul’s journey, come in, and explore what I can offer you.


Cancer Wheel of Fortune (5 of Wands)

Changes and new opportunities are always available; however, to take advantage of them, you’re the one that needs to move toward them. Be honest about how your problems might be serving you by asking yourself: “If I didn’t have this problem holding me back, what would I be doing.” You may realize that what you’re really resisting is the responsibility of having the very thing you wish for. Ironically, problems are often buffers and excuses that disguise themselves as roadblocks. One problem might actually be a solution for another. Stop spinning aimlessly and commit to a direction. The chance you’ve been waiting for presents itself around the 12th, so go for it!