“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”


It is my highest intention to serve those who seek a path of meaning.

If you are searching for guidance and support that is grounded in a deep reverence for the soul’s journey, come in, and explore what I can offer you.


Capricorn Wheel of Fortune (6 of Swords)

We all know that life is in a constant state of flux, yet our minds hold on to the past hoping for the illusion of security. Why burden yourself with such a task. Certainly planning and reviewing are necessary components for managing life’s circumstances, but when stress is the only bi-product of this, you might begin to rethink the process. Consistency and determination are only as good as the product they produce. The focus for this year is to recondition the way your mind processes your experiences. Become more flexible and tolerant of change and you will feel more joyful about life. There are some big changes ahead, likely in areas you’ve only been secretly planning. Be careful what you wish for (or complain about) because the force behind these desires has already began moving.