“The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”


It is my highest intention to serve those who seek a path of meaning.

If you are searching for guidance and support that is grounded in a deep reverence for the soul’s journey, come in, and explore what I can offer you.


Taurus Wheel of Fortune  (8 of Pentacles)

Your fortune is a matter of good sense – to act or not to act is the question. Life
is governed by perpetual change and you are subject to this merry-go-round
whether you like it or not. Consider the consequences of your actions and
rather than simply doing for the sake of doing, think about how much more you
would benefit from simplifying your actions and refining your goals. Find joy
in your duties and you will strengthen your fortune. There is much to be gained
during this time but not much to do in order to gain it. Take time to reflect
on the seeds you’ve recently planted. Notice what small adjustments need to be
made and calculate your next move. This is a good time to put away some money
for a rainy day.