My Story

As a young girl, I was intrigued by the spiritual realm. I was aware although fearful of ghosts, inspired by religion and ritual, fascinated by astrology, and entertained by fairy tales.

In my early 20’s, I was introduced to tarot and was immediately captivated. I was going through a very dark time and the tarot helped me understand life in a way that was meaningful. I also began investigating Numerology and Astrology, learning what I consider to be the language of the soul.

This has laid the foundation for my studies in religion, mythology, metaphysics, philosophy, yoga, Buddhism and psychology. I am deeply curious about the nature of humankind and I believe that in the absence of observation, there is a lack of meaning to reality.

Through my own process of self-discovery, I’ve developed a passion for assisting others. By way of exploring universal principles and psychospiritual concepts, I am committed to serving others in their process of self-discovery. My first job as a teenager was as an intern in the labor and delivery room. I thought I wanted to be a nurse or midwife and set my sights on pursuing that my first semester in college. That plan quickly dissolved as I became a new mom myself.

Who would’ve guessed that years later, I would act in a similar capacity – assisting others through a different kind of birth, nursing people through their suffering and recovery.

For many years I have worked with the systems of numerology, astrology, and tarot drawing from them a conceptual framework that bridges the practical with the mystical world.

My orientation is eclectic uniting the principles of Existentialism (finding meaning and purpose), Mysticism, Buddhism, Mythology, and contemporary psychology. I offer encouragement, unconditional acceptance, and insight.

I have a degree in Religious Studies and am a certified life coach, specializing in addiction/recovery and spiritual counseling.



My Philosophy

I believe that the search for meaning is what dictates the course of our lives. Meaning is created by engaging with what is valued. The significance of our existence is never fixed once and for all; rather, we continually re-create ourselves through our relationships, projects, and attitudes toward life. I believe people are in a constant state of transition, emerging, evolving, and becoming. Although tragedies are an inevitable part of the human condition, real achievements are made by the stand we take when facing them. The manner in which we live and what we become is the result of our choices.

Once we learn to operate from this frame of mind we become aware that we are both the creator and the created. By recognizing our role in the story of life, we realize that we, and only we, have the power to change the context of our lives.

Freedom is a mindset and is experienced in the choices we make, but first, we must admit that we are not the victim of circumstances. Although we have karmic debts and are shaped by our past experiences, we must accept responsibility for how we have chosen to live.

Personal growth occurs when we surrender our defenses, confront our shadow, accept our limitations, acknowledge our strengths, and walk confidently in the direction of our goals.

The treasure of life is buried beneath what we consider our deepest wounds. To excavate this we must be willing to embrace our fears and turn our obstacles into opportunities. Ultimately, we must love and accept ourselves wholly and unconditionally.