The Minor Arcana ~ Pentacles

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Pentacles correspond to the element of Earth; the essence of which we are formed and to which our physical bodies must inevitably return. Without Earth, nothing can actualize or become real.


Earth symbolizes physical matter, the body and the adaptations that are necessary to sustain oneself – through food, shelter, health, work, and money.


Pentacles represent the development of the “reality function” or how we physically use our energy to develop the skills and abilities necessary to secure our materialistic possessions. Money is connected with our sense of self-worth and represents how we feel rewarded for our achievements and expended energy.


The Pentacle is a gold coin displaying a five-pointed star which represents humanity. The star with its five points has ancient associations with fertility, the harvest, creativity, protection and the symmetry of the human body.

Ace of Pentacles

Ambition; power of the body.

New stable situation. Opportunity to give tangible expression to talents in order to achieve something of value.

Fresh ambition toward material success.

Learning to use common sense or realism to solve dilemmas.

Possible accumulation of money through work or other means.

2 of Pentacles

Understanding the ups and downs as part of the process.

The necessity of remaining flexible during the transition of several propositions.

Ability to juggle money, resources or situations in order to acquire the most productive results.

Harmony within change, flexibility keeps everything moving.

Change and fluctuation of material resources.

3 of Pentacles

Success; victory has been tasted.

Physical persistence and planning needed for a situation.

Displaying work for approval purposes.

Material gain through effort or creative abilities.

Utilizing new skills in the process of manifestation.

Working together or consolidating past efforts. The master craftsman or the skilled artist.

4 of Pentacles

Productivity; material security.

Owning your own personal power, energy, or vitality.

Clinging tightly to something or someone; if done excessively, this will prevent further growth.

Giving structure to an established situation. Feeling protected or grounded in the current situation.

Safeguarding your current holdings will prevent further incentive and result in stagnation.

Selfishness, greed, or possessiveness. Control issues.

5 of Pentacles

Material Crisis.

Destruction of order and stability.

Worry about finances, health, or relationships. Material troubles such as poverty or financial loss.

Tension and anxiety held in the body possibly because the mind is too focused on practical matters.

Warning that without caution something valuable will be lost.

6 of Pentacles

Generosity or Gifts of Energy.

Profusion and abundance through striving for material success.

Experiencing the joy of giving without expectations.

Income or security is steady and predictable.

Sensitivity to others needs or an even exchange of energy or resources.

Combining your own resources with that of another’s to create something successful.

7 of Pentacles

A New Venture; risk-taking.

Growth and waiting; evaluating the progress of plans.

A time to be patient and reflect on your efforts; there may be more you can do. Experimenting with money, material resources, or the health/body.

Choice of whether or not to continue developing what has already been built, or put energy into a new project.

Following a new endeavor allows for growth which outweighs the rewards of security.

8 of Pentacles


Schooling or technical training.

Feeling motivated and inspired enough to experiment with any circumstance. Perseverance, commitment, and discipline are practiced in order to work diligently.

Develop and refine skills in preparation for work.

Utilizing a talent or learning a craft or skill that may turn into a source of income. Ambition through the experience of using resources to the fullest.

9 of Pentacles

Wealth; Abundance.

Insight into untapped internal resources.

Tangible gain from projects, relationships, or work situations.

Handling a situation in on your own leads to self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

Luxury and material well-being.

Achievement in your own eyes brings a sense of solitary satisfaction; you no longer need others to make you feel fulfilled.

Wishful thinking leads to blinding idealism.

10 of Pentacles

Resurgence of Accomplishment.

A state of wealth and prosperity on all levels of consciousness.

Current security is stable and steady, but not stimulating.

A sense of being part of a family or protective unit. Grandparents.

Real estate purchase or an inheritance of some sort.

Job security, good income, and success of a worthwhile objective.

Page of Pentacles

Energy of the Earth.

A reliable opportunity for finding work or manifesting an overlooked talent.

Learning new skills that will enable goals to flourish.

Sensuality. Dieting or attending to the bodies needs.

A message concerning health, money, school, or work.

Willingness to connect with nature, stop and smell the flowers.

Knight of Pentacles

Vitality of Effort.

An eventual positive end to a situation that is long overdue.

Capability to endure with great amounts of energy and perseverance, yet at the expense of motivation and passion. Focusing attention on building something secure and stable in a pragmatic fashion to reap the most efficient results. Setting a persistent goal and following through despite any obstacles.

Acting humble enough to relate to the menial tasks of life.

Queen of Pentacles

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Connected with sensuality of the body and what is needed to preserve and nurture it.

Sustaining and conserving energy and material resources, particularly by making good use of practical talents or creativity.

Accepting responsibility and being fair in business while giving help of a practical nature. Dependence, possessiveness, resistance to change, lazy, and territorial.

If the Queen relates to a situation, it is stable and connected to values.

King of Pentacles

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
An ambitious person who aspires to status by working hard and purposefully.

Gaining worldly achievement through self-discipline and ethical practices.

Using an appropriate measure of skill and guidance without going on a power trip.

Someone who has financial power over you i.e. boss, father, husband, or accountant.

If the King relates to a situation, it is the ability to perpetuate or improve an existing situation by using consistent and intentional action that is aligned with personal values.