Adrienne’s Monthly Tarotscope

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.
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Strength (3 of Pentacles)

Self-improvement comes through different approaches: physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, etc. The energy that goes into these pursuits is often directed at enhancing something while decreasing something else. Find and practice the special rhythm. Without consistency, change will not result in improvement. Take a practical approach to what you learn and consider how you can apply it in your everyday routine. Collaborate with others who are on a similar path, share ideas and strategies, begin to create more efficient systems. There’s no room for excuses this month. If you can’t make it happen on your own, get some help. Improvement leads to empowerment. No matter how big the goal is, you can do it but you’ve got to get started now.


Calm determination needed to endure any circumstance.

Self-imposed or social restrictions that inhibit pure energy.

Overreacting out of fear.

3 of Pentacles

Success; victory has been tasted.

Physical persistence and planning needed for a situation.

Displaying work for approval purposes.

Material gain through effort or creative abilities.

Utilizing new skills in the process of manifestation.

Working together or consolidating past efforts. The master craftsman or the skilled artist.


Chariot (2 of Pentacles)

The ride lately hasn’t been easy. It seems, though you have a tight grip on the reigns of where you want your life to go, that there are too many potholes and detours in your way. But it’s all in how you look at it, isn’t it? The flat tires, unplanned rest stops, breakdowns and succession of hitchhikers you’ve picked up have made you into a skilled and responsible driver. You know how to get where you want to go, who you want to go with, and how to get there despite unplanned events and setbacks. Don’t let all the delays induce amnesia and discourage you. Enjoy the ride, this is what adventure is made of. You’ve surmounted hurdles bigger than this, you got this!


Willpower and courage to confront self-made dilemmas.

Self- control and moral discipline.

Ego – individuality.

Energy to surmount obstacles. Attainment.

2 of Pentacles

Understanding the ups and downs as part of the process.

The necessity of remaining flexible during the transition of several propositions.

Ability to juggle money, resources or situations in order to acquire the most productive results.

Harmony within change, flexibility keeps everything moving.

Change and fluctuation of material resources.


Judgment (4 of Swords)

A balanced mind is one that suspends immediate judgment and refrains from reacting to what it perceives. You see the world through a lens made up of your own attitudes and beliefs, expectations and assumptions. Your emotions color what you see, affect the choices you make, and distract you from other points of view. You are naturally sensitive and prone to taking things personally. It’s important to practice discernment before drawing conclusions. Arguments abound when you forget to see the other’s perspective. Truth is not black and white, it’s multifaceted. People may find it hard to share with you when you’re overly sensitive to perceived criticism. A current miscommunication might be the result of your defensiveness. Try to really hear what others are saying, even if it’s hard.


Accountability for self.

Recognizing past mistakes.

Experiencing the effects of something you caused. Karma.

Redemption through reflection.

Finding more purpose in life.

4 of Swords

Peace; stable boundaries.

A pause in which nothing changes on its own. Good time for reviewing current status.

Peace of mind is needed; may need to calm the mind of mental chatter or seek the help of another.

Illness due to stress.

Trapped by rigid concepts or intellectual stagnation.

Acceptance of solitude is necessary to reorganize the thoughts and reflect on the past conflicts.


Fool (5 of Wands)

Your tendency to hold on to what is certain might need a little loosening this month as an unexpected impulse arises out of a conflict. It’s in the areas where you feel stuck that you need the renovations. Prepare yourself though because whether you’re ready or not, change is coming. If you’ve been on the fence about taking the plunge, now’s a good time to go for it. You might even find yourself drawn to a risk that seems out of character for you. Whatever happens this month, do not cling to anything. Allow yourself to be fully present in the moment – good or bad. Those embarking on a new adventure, after a bumpy start, happy travels lie ahead.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

Letting go of expectations and jumping into the unknown.

Guided by instinct, not logic.

5 of Wands

Spiritual Crisis.

Fear of failure due to minor annoyances in life or love.

A feeling of struggle; you may be striving for something and at the same time feeling immobilized.

Feeling frustrated because creative expression is being restricted.

Self-created oppression through lack of self–awareness.

Competitive forces at hand. Compromises needed to retain the integrity of the original vision.


Sun (8 of Pentacles)

Glory reigns down upon those who have invested themselves wholeheartedly. In a work project, this success may take the form of recognition or professional advancement, a graduation. In personal development, you may feel a rush of confidence and joy, a restoring of energy and focus to your life path. When you manifest your goals and dreams, there is an expansion of self- esteem that grows inside you, radiating power and poise. Your honesty and determination must be tested to prove to yourself that you deserve this glory. Success, no matter what form, is earned. Self-esteem increases through the accomplishment of estimable acts. If you’re not feeling fulfilled, consider what you’re giving your time to, why you’re doing it and how it is an expression of you. It might be time to engage in activities or communities that enhance your self-esteem by bringing out the best in you.


Clarity and enlightenment. Success and achievement.

Self-confidence, independence, and determination.

Opportunity for personal advancement.

Creativity and talent. Inspirational. Healing.

8 of Pentacles


Schooling or technical training.

Feeling motivated and inspired enough to experiment with any circumstance. Perseverance, commitment, and discipline are practiced in order to work diligently.

Develop and refine skills in preparation for work.

Utilizing a talent or learning a craft or skill that may turn into a source of income. Ambition through the experience of using resources to the fullest.


Hermit (Ace of Swords)

You are the storekeeper of knowledge and wisdom. You know you have the answers to all the questions and the right reasons behind them, but sometimes life just isn’t that straight forward and that’s what can sometime throw you off your game. Maybe you have offered sound advice to a friend who can only hear criticism; or you lay some serious truth on someone, knowing it’s what they need to hear, and it falls on deaf ears. Just because you have the truth doesn’t mean you can save the world; you can truly only save yourself. The point where intellect touches spirituality is wisdom. The paradox of acquired wisdom is realizing that no matter how much you think others would benefit from it, the only person it is truly meant for is you. And when you become wise, you become very silent. A wise person knows that at the end of the day, by saving themselves they are in fact saving the world.


Solitude. Wisdom through self-analysis.

Waiting. More internal activity than outer.

A loneliness that leads to a deeper understanding.

Sharing your experiences with others.

Ace of Swords

Ideas; power of the mind.

New perception emerges out of a seemingly chaotic situation and may be accompanied by a strong feeling of mental anxiety.

The energy of discrimination and discernment.

The beginning of inevitable changes that will shake the complacency of any situation.

Old order is threatened which may cause conflict and separation.


Wheel of Fortune (8 of Swords)

Destiny is composed from a series of choices made in the past, some might even argue from a lifetime before this one. In either case, you are both operating from an established pattern and co-creating a new one. During the periods you feel most stuck or afraid, you have an opportunity to act from a place beyond your automatic behavior. While fear and anxiety can be crippling, they can also be messengers telling you to pay attention and do something different. Avoidance only postpones an issue by guaranteeing that you will encounter it repeatedly until you deal with it. If you want an area of your life to change, you must take responsibility for changing it. You are no victim of circumstances, no bystander of life, you are an active participant that needs to be involved in the direction it goes. You’ve got some changes ahead that may at first feel a little shaky but stay with it because there is freedom just over the hump.

Wheel of Fortune

A new phase in life. Cycles of growth.

A goal has been set in motion.

Opportunity for success.

8 of Swords

Accepting Limitations – recognize blind spots.

Restlessness and confusion of thought distract and delay the course of action.
Bondage through fear of decision because the consequences of either choice do not want to be confronted.

Waiting to be rescued. Loss of power due to inner turmoil or depression.

Danger of getting stuck in old convictions, ideas, or self-denial.

The fear of fear is causing impotence instead of action.


Moon (Ace of Pentacles)

Uncertainty nags at you all month as you try to figure out what you’re feeling. It may start as a little uneasiness or confusion then quickly ignite anxiety and panic. While the uncomfortableness is unavoidable, how you deal with it will help manage the symptoms. For those artistically inclined, this can be a richly imaginative period for creating. Your inner world is exploding with raw material. Find a way to channel your emotions and quiet your mind. It’s likely that that your insecurities will cause you to be suspicious of other’s intentions. Try not to over analyze everything. Be direct, when you suspect. This is NOT a good time to make any investments and if possible, hold off on starting any new projects. Things are too murky to risk anything.


Uncertainty. Confusion. Disorientation.

Feeling driven by uncontrollable influences.

Enhanced intuition and prophetic dreams.

Self-deception or unobtainable fantasies.

Ace of Pentacles

Ambition; power of the body.

New stable situation. Opportunity to give tangible expression to talents in order to achieve something of value.

Fresh ambition toward material success.

Learning to use common sense or realism to solve dilemmas.

Possible accumulation of money through work or other means.


Lovers (7 of Cups)

Romance is one of the most exotic spices in life. It seduces you into believing your wildest fantasies are possible. It shuts out what’s ugly and undesirable, while enhancing only the most brilliant attributes – some of which only you can see. Relationships are the primary target for fantasy, also known as projection, because like a mirror, they reflect what is being projected on them. When the attraction is mutual, each person stands to learn a great deal about their own inner desires. Notice who or what you’ve been more attracted to recently. Are you starting to romanticize something out of character? A warning to those involved in new relationships or erotic affairs, your rose- colored glasses are about to fall off, revealing some ugly truths you might not be ready for. Remember love is a choice not a chemical reaction.


Decisions that require a sacrifice.

Recognize the motivation for choice.

An important relationship.

Relationships are a reflection of us.

7 of Cups

Pursuing a Dream.

Temper imagination with realism.

Warning against illusionary hopes and false promises.

A choice with many options – if it sounds too good – it is!

Dreams and fantasies can be turned into reality.

Need to create a stable emotional basis in order to assess life.

Addiction and escapism.


Magician (6 of Swords)

Do you feel that? It’s time to let go of the past. There are new opportunities and experiences waiting just outside your door, but the only way to open the new is to close the one you’ve just come through. You have learned enough by now about navigating life to deduce the best road for you. You’ve watched how your attitude about life impacts its course and possibly realized how much your inner and outer conditions relate. Your thoughts have a powerful influence over your life. The law of attraction speaks to this phenomenon; however, what is often overlooked is the necessity to direct those thoughts. Have faith in yourself, trust your gut, and allow the wisdom of your experiences to act as your compass. You’ve worked hard to get here. To embrace this new path, let go of your past with love, embody your power through action and be intentional about the future you are creating.


Using personal skills and talents to create a desired result.

Initiating new goals and endeavors.


Self-awareness, and focus on personal growth.

6 of Swords


New insights help to overcome old problems often leading to unconventional solutions. Feeling burdened with responsibilities, but doing the right thing to solve them.

A keen ability to analyze and objectify information in order to explain to others.

Solving problems by distancing one’s self in order to gain perspective and see both sides of the dilemma. A release of tension and anxiety after a period of strain.

A journey or short trip.


World (5 of Swords)

Sometimes not getting what you want is a stroke of luck. To make something happen, there is often a single-minded approach that isn’t always aware of the extra nuances. As you run into unexpected obstacles this month, take note of new material rather than impatiently forcing your agenda. You’ll find that an aspect you overlooked will be highlighted, allowing you to refine your initial goal and integrate additional information. Those involved in rocky relationships (of any kind), this is not the best time to prove your point. Conflict might be inevitable, but negotiation is a better course of action this time. Even if means admitting you are wrong. The rewards are far reaching when you value relationship over principles.


Closure or attainment of goals. Integration.

Overcoming obstacles through harmony.

Synthesis of many different ideas, things, or people.


Birth or Marriage.

5 of Swords

Intellectual Crisis.

A passive endurance of a negative experience allows the acceptance of limitations.

The need to give aggressive impulses an appropriate form of expression.

Conflict with harsh words or power plays.

An empty victory using unfair means, no-win situation.

Swallow pride and proceed in a new direction. Defenses have been penetrated. Time to develop new means of action.


Justice (7 of Pentacles)

It’s time for your big decision. You knew this day would come and now it’s here. You’ve been weighing out your options hoping the universe will let you off the hook and just drop you right where you need to be. But life doesn’t work that way, you have free will for a reason, which doesn’t mean inspiration and help aren’t available to you. Tap into your inner resources and examine your thoughts. Thoughts are how you judge and everyone who thinks, judges. You are being asked to balance your judgments between your inner and outer realities. You’ll find the decision is more personal when you choose according to your own conscience and not according to any outer opinions of others. Most importantly have faith in the outcomes you can’t see right now. When you’ve made the decision you know is best, hold on to hope and stand in the faith that the universe supports you and the outcome will be for the best.


An honest evaluation of self. Judgments made through analysis.

Following your own code of ethics without definitions of right and wrong.

Adjustment necessary for balance.

Impartial observations and personal accountability.

7 of Pentacles

A New Venture; risk-taking.

Growth and waiting; evaluating the progress of plans.

A time to be patient and reflect on your efforts; there may be more you can do. Experimenting with money, material resources, or the health/body.

Choice of whether or not to continue developing what has already been built, or put energy into a new project.

Following a new endeavor allows for growth which outweighs the rewards of security.