The Major Arcana

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Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

Letting go of expectations and jumping into the unknown.

Guided by instinct, not logic.


Using personal skills and talents to create a desired result.

Initiating new goals and endeavors.


Self-awareness, and focus on personal growth.

High Priestess

Turning within or reflecting to find answers.

Things are not as they appear, look beyond the obvious.

Recognize the symbolic meaning.

Subconscious and intuition.


Growth and abundance are available when the cycles of life are accepted.

Maternal and creative principle.

Patience and support are necessary.

Security and consistency.


Structure and authority.

Logic and power.

Constructive use of resources.

The situation is stabilized or too rigid.

Paternal and productive principle.


Seeking answers through traditions and social structures, religion, and philosophy.

Higher learning.

Professional assistance.

Asking the questions that lead to revelations.


Decisions that require a sacrifice.

Recognize the motivation for choice.

An important relationship.

Relationships are a reflection of us.


Willpower and courage to confront self-made dilemmas.

Self- control and moral discipline.

Ego – individuality.

Energy to surmount obstacles. Attainment.


Calm determination needed to endure any circumstance.

Self-imposed or social restrictions that inhibit pure energy.

Overreacting out of fear.


Solitude. Wisdom through self-analysis.

Waiting. More internal activity than outer.

A loneliness that leads to a deeper understanding.

Sharing your experiences with others.


Creating a balance through opposites.

Finding the middle ground.

Moderation. Compromise.

Blending of forces.

Emotional consideration.


Self-imposed limitations.

Bondage through fear.

Projections that impair judgment.


Lack of self-awareness.

Dependency. Manipulation.

The pursuit of material pleasures.

Hanged Man

Letting go of mental control and seeing the situation differently.

Sacrifice leads to success.

Release the need to know.

Do the opposite of what is expected.


Transformation of form.

Ending of a cycle beginning of new.

Shedding of old ways.

Giving up destructive attitudes.

Ego death, end of attachments.

Wheel of Fortune

A new phase in life. Cycles of growth.

A goal has been set in motion.

Opportunity for success.


An honest evaluation of self. Judgments made through analysis.

Following your own code of ethics without definitions of right and wrong.

Adjustment necessary for balance.

Impartial observations and personal accountability.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

The truth revealed through crisis.

Dismantling of ego constructs.

Dramatic changes in store.


Faith. Hope. Unconscious will of life.

Feeling a strong connection to something or someone.

Finding meaning in the mundane.

Calm after the storm.


Uncertainty. Confusion. Disorientation.

Feeling driven by uncontrollable influences.

Enhanced intuition and prophetic dreams.

Self-deception or unobtainable fantasies.


Clarity and enlightenment. Success and achievement.

Self-confidence, independence, and determination.

Opportunity for personal advancement.

Creativity and talent. Inspirational. Healing.


Accountability for self.

Recognizing past mistakes.

Experiencing the effects of something you caused. Karma.

Redemption through reflection.

Finding more purpose in life.


Closure or attainment of goals. Integration.

Overcoming obstacles through harmony.

Synthesis of many different ideas, things, or people.


Birth or Marriage.