Each of these systems offers a vantage point in which to view your life narrative. Similarly, each of these methods provides paths and detours for seeking Self-awareness.


A session with me is an experience in which you are engaged in the process. Rather than just listening to the content, you participate in the dialogue of what is represented in your charts and cards. This holistic approach offers you an experience in the here and now, thereby illuminating the story in a relevant and accessible manner.


I am less concerned with the probability of the future unless it relates or applies to what is happening now. I communicate in terms of what you want to know and what is shown to me. Each of these tools offers a systematic view that is dynamic and open to interpretation. The symbolism in your charts and cards suggests behaviors, characteristics, motivations, life themes, attitudes, talents, and liabilities.


Rates vary per service with sliding scale payments available upon request.


Holistic Life Coaching


Holistic Life Coaching is a dynamic relationship in which a coach acts as a guide or catalyst for evoking a person’s’ internal wisdom. People contain within them infinite resources, and as your coach, it becomes my job to help you find meaningful answers. In a practical sense, coaching helps to organize priorities, overcome challenges, project future results, and maintain accountability for actions. This goal-oriented process focuses on what you want to achieve and how to do it.


In a holistic sense, coaching helps recognize the patterns of behavior, social conditioning, untapped talents, and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals or potentials. People who seek freedom must also be willing to accept responsibility. As your coach, I will encourage you to look at how your life can be different and help you find ways to make that possible.


Together we will discover how you can turn obstacles into opportunities, develop deeper relationships, communicate honestly and effectively, and become the person you want to be. Working with me as your coach teaches you how to begin learning what your experiences reveal about you. I will help you to align these experiences/revelations with your core values, and guide you in how to use them to better understand your Self. Life is a journey and you are the Charioteer!


Recovery Coach


Addiction is a crippling phenomenon that undermines a person’s entire life and sense of self. It robs a person of their joy, sense of meaning and connection. Whether it is substance abuse, disordered eating or love addiction, the attachment to something external controls a person’s life. With this comes habitual self-destructive behaviors, shame, negative consequences and a complete feeling of unmanageability.


As a recovery coach, I support your process of reclaiming your life and dealing with your addiction. No matter what stage or style of recovery you’re in, I can help you develop new coping skills, identify your triggers and create a relapse prevention plan. I will teach you how to manage your stress (the number one cause of relapse), your anxiety and your expectations. I can also help educate your family and loved ones about the nature of addiction and help rekindle impaired relationships.


I offer unconditional acceptance and positive regard to those seeking to recover what was lost in addiction. You are not what has happened to you, you are what you choose to become.


Tarot Consult


Tarot cards are most commonly known as divination or a means for peaking into the future; however, in more recent times they have become a tool for assessment and reflection. The cards are a collection of the most basic patterns of human thought and emotion. The Tarot can be used to gain insight into the different activities and the surrounding circumstances of life. While highlighting the influences and energies you’re presently dealing with, the Tarot provides an objective outlook on situations, and will point you in directions that are most beneficial for growth.


A Tarot reading with me is professional and experiential. You can expect to receive practical insight that relates to the here and now. I am not a fortune teller in this regard, I am honest about what I see and don’t see. Although people have referred to me as “psychic” I prefer to call it intuitive. Like a talented musician with their instrument, I am naturally gifted with my intuition.


Astrology Consult


Astrology is an ancient system that has been passed down over time as a blueprint for life. There are as many different methods for analysis, as stars in the sky; however, from a basic psychodynamic approach, the horoscope is a map that delineates behavioral tendencies and life experiences. Astrology illuminates the story of life by showing how our behavior has been influenced by early conditioning, in both positive and negative ways, by our parents, peers, and environment. It offers an assessment of who we are and insight into how we can live in harmony with this.


The horoscope can also point to upcoming influences and events while making sense and offering meaning to the past. People are often plagued by questions like: why did this happen, what does this mean, what should I do? Astrology is an exceptional tool for analyzing your life, in both practical and spiritual ways.


Numerology Consult


Numerology is the science of names and numbers. Pythagoras believed that each number vibrated to a certain frequency and that each letter corresponded to that particular vibration. Practically used, numbers reveal characteristics and cycles apparent in names and birthdays. The language of numbers can be used to understand our own personalities, soul urges, and life lessons. It can also be used as a tool for understanding cycles in life and experiences that come out of them.


Using your given name and birth date, I am able to draw a detailed portrait which includes your:

  • Life Path – The major lesson and theme for your life.
  • Heart’s Desire – What motivates you and what you long for.
  • Personality – The mask you wear in the world and how most people see you.
  • Expression – What you are meant to do in the world.
  • Talents – How you naturally use your energy
  • Challenges and Opportunities – Specific periods of occurrence.
  • Personal Year / Essence Cycle – The theme in your inner and outer worlds.


Numerology shows us how to make sense of who we are by accepting that our experiences are here to learn from. We do not have to remain bound to the patterns of time. On some level, we have agreed to a plan that we will work out in this life, and when we understand ourselves more clearly, we can choose how we will fulfill this plan. As people are unique, so is their numerical make-up. Each letter in your name has its own vibration, that when strung together, creates a special melody.


Life Reading


A Life Reading is the most well-rounded consultation because it is a combination of Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot. These systems complement one another in a way that weaves together the patterns and themes suggested by both charts. This in-depth analysis is then further clarified through the insight of the tarot.


Family / Relationship Dynamics


Drawing from the systems of Astrology and Numerology to recognize the connection you share with your mate and the potential friction, will teach you how to work in accordance with your partner to achieve balance and success. Analyze your parents’, siblings’, and other family members’ personalities to gain a more objective view of those relationships and how they interact with you. Help encourage the development of your children by understanding the full spectrum of their needs, strengths, challenges, and natural abilities. Determine the patterns that exist within and learn how to engage wholeheartedly with your companions.


Private Lessons


Are you interested in learning how to use these systems yourself? I have been teaching others for several years and have written a comprehensive guide for both Tarot and Numerology. If your just curious and want to know more about these subjects, check out my monthly classes. However, if you would like to formally study the intuitive arts, I offer private lessons that are tailored to meet your goals. I can also train existing readers for entertainment style readings.


Parties / Events


Psychic readings are always the most popular entertainment at any event. Five Muses Entertainment offers just that. We have a variety of different services and an amazing group of talented readers who offer entertainment appropriate for any event. To find out more, please visit Also, if you specialize in any of the intuitive arts, and would like to work parties, contact me for information.