Adrienne’s Monthly Tarotscope

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.
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Magician (7 of Cups)

You are a very capable and resourceful person and your world appears to be full of opportunities right now. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch, there’s still work to do. Manifesting your desires and visions comes naturally to you, but if they only live inside your head, with no action to bring them to life, they remain castles in the sky. All of your visions, dreams and desires will remain only that unless they are grounded in reality and action. It’s time to create something solid out of all the possibilities and manifest something of value outside of yourself. Now is the time to fix all your attention on making your desires a reality, through your will, using the tools you’ve been given; but you must choose a direction and focus. Be realistic and discerning, choose only the dreams that connect with your heart and with your gut. Outside influences can pull you off course and even trick you into believing your illusions. Connect within to find the truth. Concentration and focus are key here. Learn to keep your mind focused upon the smallest point, practice meditation, turn down imagination and thought and learn to be silent. You cannot focus or manifest effectively if your will is directed elsewhere.


Using personal skills and talents to create a desired result.

Initiating new goals and endeavors.


Self-awareness, and focus on personal growth.

7 of Cups

Pursuing a Dream.

Temper imagination with realism.

Warning against illusionary hopes and false promises.

A choice with many options – if it sounds too good – it is!

Dreams and fantasies can be turned into reality.

Need to create a stable emotional basis in order to assess life.

Addiction and escapism.


Fool (10 of Pentacles)

It’s your birthday month and there are surprises everywhere you look. Your reputation for dealing with change is not the best, although once you get settled and find your groove, you’ve got more stamina than most. This month there is simultaneously an ending and a new beginning in the areas of finance, home, and family. You might not have asked or expected that you would be dealing with this at this point in your life, but you are, and you will be. Your best strategy is to jump in and figure it out. In the area of family and finance, you’ll be asked to help in ways that either excite you or make you want to run for the hills. The cycles of life are in constant motion, however, it’s often not until there is a defining moment that this is realized. Children grow up, leave the nest, get married and have children of their own. Parents and grandparents get old, retire, need help and eventually pass away. Spouses and friends go through crisis, move away and change. You grow, change and evolve too. Nothing can stop the world from changing, especially not avoidance. Your adventure this month is to remain curious and open to the unknown and the unpredictable. Your routine might be disrupted but your attitude to it is still within your control. For some, this is a month of surprise financial gain while for others, surprise expenses. It is what it is until you make it what you want it to be.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

Letting go of expectations and jumping into the unknown.

Guided by instinct, not logic.

10 of Pentacles

Resurgence of Accomplishment.

A state of wealth and prosperity on all levels of consciousness.

Current security is stable and steady, but not stimulating.

A sense of being part of a family or protective unit. Grandparents.

Real estate purchase or an inheritance of some sort.

Job security, good income, and success of a worthwhile objective.


Tower (10 of Cups)

The opportunity to drop some unwanted weight has arrived, albeit not in the way you might expect. The body is an edifice of energy and emotional patterns. It’s structure houses memories, impressions, sensations as well as defenses. Physical and emotional health depend on spiritual health. Just like food nourishes the body, connection nourishes the soul. When faced with a crisis or extreme feelings of any kind, there is a tendency to default into already established patterns and reactions without giving yourself an opportunity to respond thoughtfully. You’ve weathered many storms throughout your life, your faith has been tested and strengthened and you’ve learned so much about who you are. The emotional ups and downs this month will likely reveal something you’ve been holding onto out of fear. Rather than collapsing under this pressure, let it reinforce your connection to your higher power or spiritual practice. What you’ve been desperately holding onto is in a state of flux and although you might not be able to see it now, there will be something greater on the other side. To ease the anxiety, you need to let go of emotional defenses, toxic relationships, and unrealistic expectations. Don’t block your own healing even if it means experiencing pain.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

The truth revealed through crisis.

Dismantling of ego constructs.

Dramatic changes in store.

10 of Cups

A resurgence of Feeling.

The pursuit of pleasure has been attained. Happiness permeates all aspects of life. Listening to your passions and abandoning all reservations.

Reaching the peak of your emotions, whether good or bad and using the power to let go and move on.

Optimism, self-confidence, love, and contentment are abundant.


Emperor (6 of Pentacles)

You are on a journey this month toward balance and harmony. If you’ve been in receiving mode, it’s time to give back from the abundance of all you’ve been given. If you’ve been blessing those around you with your attention, energy, and resources, it’s time to sit back and allow yourself to receive. Nature always finds a balance; when something is taken, something else comes in to fill that space, when something is given something is received. Perhaps you’re feeling abundant and led to be of service, to use your gifts for the greater good. Perhaps you’re feeling tired and burned out from all the nurturing and caring of your family and community and it’s time to allow the energy you’ve put out to come back to you. Whatever you decide, make sure that what you give and what you receive are worth your time and effort before committing. Remember that always being in control can often lead to exhaustion and suffering because you can never let your guard down, it may be time to relax and allow yourself to be cared for the way that you so naturally care for others.


Structure and authority.

Logic and power.

Constructive use of resources.

The situation is stabilized or too rigid.

Paternal and productive principle.

6 of Pentacles

Generosity or Gifts of Energy.

Profusion and abundance through striving for material success.

Experiencing the joy of giving without expectations.

Income or security is steady and predictable.

Sensitivity to others needs or an even exchange of energy or resources.

Combining your own resources with that of another’s to create something successful.


Hermit (10 of Swords)

Alone with your thoughts. Is that a scary place or a place of peace? When you retreat into yourself, what do you experience? There is so much going on around you that it may be hard to sort through your own internal experiences. You may feel so exhausted at times that it is easier to simply check out rather than tuning in. This escape doesn’t replenish you, however, it only depletes you further. You have a remarkable imagination, which like any superpower, needs to be honed and used for the highest good. It’s time to tap into your strengths, to use your talents and to reconnect with your vision. Don’t worry about the big picture and your so-called ‘life purpose’ because right now, you just need to listen. All those silly worries will not restore your inner resolve. They will distract you from you. Those facing an impending ending, there’s nothing you can do to change what is already set in action. Letting go of regrets, expectations, bitter come-backs, shame, worry and whatever other poisons you’re harboring are your fastest route to recovery. Warning this month, if you plan to engage in emotional conversations with others, be sure you’ve reflected on your deeper feelings not just your views and opinions. Arguments can be the cause of unintended breakups or other losses.


Solitude. Wisdom through self-analysis.

Waiting. More internal activity than outer.

A loneliness that leads to a deeper understanding.

Sharing your experiences with others.

10 of Swords

Resurgence of Intellect

An inevitable ending of a relationship, an attitude, or a false way of seeing a situation. Transcending old patterns of thought which have kept you stuck in a reality that no longer serves.

Feeling pinned down; the only escape is to resign and accept the change.

A struggle in which the ego has become too attached.

A new birth of hope born out of destruction.

Mastery of strife and division.


High Priestess (3 of Swords)

Self-awareness has become a ubiquitous pass time of scrolling through social media, ‘liking’ and reposting pseudo-spiritual quotes, maybe attending a yoga class or a drum circle … the more ambitious may even read a book, journal and/or meditate. These are all fine supplements but are not enough if you really want to understand your Self. You are a mystery, deep, complex and undiscovered. You are more than your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and although these senses point the way, they are not the truth. Beyond the surface of reality exists a hall of mirrors; you reflect your inner landscape externally. What you are triggered by has roots in your psyche. If you go digging, you’ll likely unearth a whole network of memories and impressions — some conscious and some not. It is this path that will reveal clearer insights, and it is also this path that requires a dedicated practice of introspection. Like it or not, it’s time to get vulnerable with yourself, to plummet your depths, to be patient with the unknown and to be honest about who you are behind the mask. With a shove from behind, the universe will conspire to help you this month. Don’t fight the current.

High Priestess

Turning within or reflecting to find answers.

Things are not as they appear, look beyond the obvious.

Recognize the symbolic meaning.

Subconscious and intuition.

3 of Swords

Separation; lines have been drawn.

Painful perceptions causing feelings of helplessness or loneliness.

Suffering from a heartbreak and emotional upset due to disappointments in life.

Quarrels, separation, or end of a relationship.

Intellect that needs to be tempered with emotion.

Truth that pierces the heart. Self–pity. Jealousy.


Devil (Ace of Cups)

You have energy and resources locked up in places you haven’t even discovered yet. But how do you go about finding and harnessing them? Sometimes you have to feel your way to the answer. Take time this month to examine your reasons for pursuing and/or avoiding the things that make you feel good. Begin by asking yourself, what do I need and what do I want and what is the difference? It’s so easy to get caught up with your many desires and let them pull you off balance. And if you have created guilt by repressing desires, or fearing any of your emotions, thoughts, imagination or aggressive urges … believing they are “bad”, you have rendered yourself powerless. Your real sources of energy and power come from the natural expression of ALL your feelings, coupled with inspired action. Overcome fear by understanding the nature of “evil”. Demons only exist for those who believe in them and only possess the power that you’ve given them. Make your demons your servants. There’s no “good” or “evil”, only limits that show us the true nature of our reality.


Self-imposed limitations.

Bondage through fear.

Projections that impair judgment.


Lack of self-awareness.

Dependency. Manipulation.

The pursuit of material pleasures.

Ace of Cups

Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

Longing; power of the heart.

New feelings possibly due to a relationship or an emotional encounter.

The birth of something connected to your heart: art, music, relationship or a child.

A sense of fulfillment, self-acceptance or self-love.


Hanged Man (Queen of Pentacles)

So while you’re hanging out this month, you might want to reconsider your current coping skills for dealing with stuff. And by ‘hanging out’, I mean that despised feeling of being trapped, stuck, lost and out of control. And by ‘stuff’, I mean all those issues (you think are out there) that set you off. You are a master strategist: intuitive, inquisitive and persistent. If you want to, you can bend situations and people to your favor (of course, not without an expense to you). Your tactics need some revisions, as evidenced by the current loss of momentum. Whatever it is you’re doing, it’s not working as planned which either means, your plan is faulty, or your method is flawed. The good news is, there is no need to force or rush anything right now. In fact, hanging out and surrendering to the dilemma is your best strategy. You need to look at things from a different angle, you also need to reconsider your motivations. In your persistence, you may have been trying to produce something that isn’t what you really need. Focus your powers of concentration internally and see what comes up. It’s likely that when you reassess, you’ll find there never really was a problem, only a distraction.

Hanged Man

Letting go of mental control and seeing the situation differently.

Sacrifice leads to success.

Release the need to know.

Do the opposite of what is expected.

Queen of Pentacles

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Connected with sensuality of the body and what is needed to preserve and nurture it.

Sustaining and conserving energy and material resources, particularly by making good use of practical talents or creativity.

Accepting responsibility and being fair in business while giving help of a practical nature. Dependence, possessiveness, resistance to change, lazy, and territorial.

If the Queen relates to a situation, it is stable and connected to values.


Justice (6 of Swords)

Let’s face it, life isn’t fair and anyone who told you that it was supposed to be fair, led you astray. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Whatever measurement defines good and bad is arbitrary and subjective. At best, we the people of humanity can agree on some basic ethical principles to define good behavior and justify bad behavior. Many organized systems have sought to define morality, a path to redemption, and a relationship with a higher power; all of which miss the mark to some extent when claiming supremacy and perfection. There is no one way, right way or best way. There is your way, and sometimes it works for you, sometimes against you and sometimes in spite of you. This is to say, that your journey through life will be to navigate the changing ethical tides of opposition. This month you might have to jump down from your soapbox and humble yourself, or you might have to assist someone else as they tumble from the pedestal you placed them on. In any event, there will be a great occasion to reassess your beliefs, principles, and expectations.  Although you might be right (whatever that means), you might also risk an important relationship while proving your point. Running away from this conflict will cost you an opportunity to expand your view of equality.


An honest evaluation of self. Judgments made through analysis.

Following your own code of ethics without definitions of right and wrong.

Adjustment necessary for balance.

Impartial observations and personal accountability.

6 of Swords


New insights help to overcome old problems often leading to unconventional solutions. Feeling burdened with responsibilities, but doing the right thing to solve them.

A keen ability to analyze and objectify information in order to explain to others.

Solving problems by distancing one’s self in order to gain perspective and see both sides of the dilemma. A release of tension and anxiety after a period of strain.

A journey or short trip.


Strength (4 of Wands)

You’ve been initiated into a higher level of consciousness. You’ve been tested greatly over the past years, learned many hard lessons and now it’s time to enter a new level of understanding and challenge. You’ll find your tools, strength and inner power will be harnessed more easily now as a result of all your hard work. Celebrate your victories over self and ego and commit to the next level. This month will show you how satisfaction and joy come from the success found in organization, going beyond the ego, opening yourself to peace and love of life with confidence. Work on controlling and organizing your energies, let go of indecision, channel and control your passions and emotions. The self-respect and powerful self-image that emerge as a result will propel you forward to success.


Calm determination needed to endure any circumstance.

Self-imposed or social restrictions that inhibit pure energy.

Overreacting out of fear.

4 of Wands

Earned rewards; solid accomplishment.

Completion of a goal affording inner fulfillment.

Ideas have been manifested and now it is time to celebrate the results.

Letting go of limitations or escaping an unhappy situation.

Unexpected good fortune; promotion, inheritance, or possible birth.

Aspiring to fulfill all your potential.


Moon (Page of Pentacles)

Sanity sometimes feels like a thin line scribbled in chalk. You can go for days, weeks, even years feeling normal (whatever that means) then suddenly, you’re confused, lost, disoriented, unsure, depressed, anxious, not yourself … the list goes on. Questioning what’s wrong is a typical response, as is looking for reasons and even creating problems to justify the uncertainty. Although these periods can be scary and certainly uncomfortable, what if they are also passageways to something deeper? What if you could peek into the abyss and see magic, see an alternate reality, see yourself more clearly?  What if these moments were opportunities to loosen your grip, to heighten your awareness, to open your heart? The adult version of you needs some playtime. It’s time to reconnect with the imaginative, inquisitive child within, time to play hide and seek, time to dip into the well of immortality. It is possible to use this energy constructively, to channel the mysterious impulses within, and to manifest from a place of divine inspiration. It is also possible to lose your shit, to be impulsive and reckless, to resort to childish behavior, to sabotage your sense of security and to check out of reality. Choose wisely, my friend. There is much to be gained and much to be lost, both are necessary in this case.


Uncertainty. Confusion. Disorientation.

Feeling driven by uncontrollable influences.

Enhanced intuition and prophetic dreams.

Self-deception or unobtainable fantasies.

Page of Pentacles

Energy of the Earth.

A reliable opportunity for finding work or manifesting an overlooked talent.

Learning new skills that will enable goals to flourish.

Sensuality. Dieting or attending to the bodies needs.

A message concerning health, money, school, or work.

Willingness to connect with nature, stop and smell the flowers.


Death (9 of Swords)

Did you know that the brain perceives emotional pain physically? A broken heart has physical symptoms, stress is often experienced somatically, and trauma is stored in the body. It is also possible to inherit the unresolved traumas of your ancestors and family members. The body is an amazing vehicle; and the mind, not the brain, is its conductor. Since the soul is impervious to physical and psychological afflictions, it remains your connection to source and perfection. Through this, you have the power to use your mind for healing, yet equally, it may be used to harm yourself. Something you’ve been holding onto either consciously or not needs to finally be released. Your ego has clung to, denied, or projected this pain out of confusion. Whatever happened, happened. If you’ve processed it, let it go. If you’ve only just realized it, process it in order to let it go. If you refuse to deal with it, it will continue to harm you and you will continue to suffer. The mind can be your friend when you balance both your intellect and your emotions. Emotions are your body’s language and intellect; they are your internal storyteller. But they need to collaborate if they are to complement each other. If you want to heal, it’s time to change the story.


Transformation of form.

Ending of a cycle beginning of new.

Shedding of old ways.

Giving up destructive attitudes.

Ego death, end of attachments.

9 of Swords

Self– made anguish. Nightmare card.

Negative thinking, feelings of guilt, fear, depression, and powerlessness cause one to brood rather than move forward.

Anger that leads to seclusion.

A sense of impending disaster which may be unfounded; the anxiety is far worse that the outcome.

Uncompassionate to the pain of another.

Too much thinking, which will either result in mental pain, illness, or insomnia.