Adrienne’s Monthly Tarotscope

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.
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Strength (9 of Wands)

Oh, the incredible possibilities that life contains. Every experience offers you the opportunity to grow and change. The more you put in, the more you get out. Clinging to what’s familiar is only helpful for so long. Eventually you need to remove the training wheels and trust that what you’ve practiced will help you ride. Surely there will be accidents along the way but once you learn how to get back up, falling down isn’t so bad. Seize the moments this month, don’t take anything for granted. A life transforming experience will shake you out of whatever complacency or funk you’re in. Feel like something’s missing? You won’t after this month. Need more excitement? Here it comes. Fast and furious change is on the horizon. Hang on and enjoy the ride.


Calm determination needed to endure any circumstance.

Self-imposed or social restrictions that inhibit pure energy.

Overreacting out of fear.

9 of Wands

Master of Will; concentration of strength.

Wisdom and discipline from past experiences will help you in the face of any challenge. Defensive measures cause avoidance and inability to change the situation.

Readjust your position and let go of past defeats.

Self-determination will help you persist in the face of any setbacks.

Movement too much in one direction prevents creative problem-solving.

Meeting external challenges with internal composure.


Tower (Page of Swords)

Don’t listen to the chattering – the doubts, insecurities or gossip. As it is you’re not easily impressionable or susceptible to what others say, however, you crave security, so when things get crazy (which they will), your certainty will be tested. Something you’re involved with or invested in, requires your faith and commitment. Practice tuning out what doesn’t support your endeavor and no matter what, don’t fall for the hype. People may doubt or question your motives which doesn’t mean you have to as well. Similarly, give others space to examine and express their interpretations. Just because it doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t mean it matters less. If you waste your time trying to defend logic that has no emotional relevance, you’ll likely say or do something with long-term consequences. Do your best not to react. There are far more important personal issues that demand your attention. You’re not going to convince anyone of anything they don’t already believe.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

The truth revealed through crisis.

Dismantling of ego constructs.

Dramatic changes in store.

Page of Swords

Emerging Independent Understanding

Use of mental powers for clarity and objectification or impulsiveness and slander.

Warnings of jumping to conclusions or making rash decisions.

Experimentation or risk-taking that may lead to further difficulties.

A message of impending conflict, possibly due to gossip.


High Priestess (10 of Swords)

Secrets have a funny way of slipping through the cracks as do denials and self-evasions. What you refuse to confront, will find you. You know that thing you hope will just go away, that feeling you wish would simply disappear, that issue you pretend doesn’t matter, well, here it comes – bubbling to the surface. The funny thing about awareness is once something is conscious, it can’t become unconscious no matter how hard you try to forget. De-Nile is a large river in Egypt! This month there is an ending, a crescendo, a conclusion, and while it won’t be comfortable, it is necessary. If you’ve had suspicions about something or someone, you’ll get your answer and it won’t be pretty. For those pursuing a dedicated spiritual practice, you must confront your deepest illusions. The one’s you’ve held onto for protection. Once stripped from so-called security, you will find your truth and you will be responsible for changing your path. There is no glamor in exposing your weaknesses but there is glory in knowing your darkness.

High Priestess

Turning within or reflecting to find answers.

Things are not as they appear, look beyond the obvious.

Recognize the symbolic meaning.

Subconscious and intuition.

10 of Swords

Resurgence of Intellect

An inevitable ending of a relationship, an attitude, or a false way of seeing a situation. Transcending old patterns of thought which have kept you stuck in a reality that no longer serves.

Feeling pinned down; the only escape is to resign and accept the change.

A struggle in which the ego has become too attached.

A new birth of hope born out of destruction.

Mastery of strife and division.


Star (3 of Wands)

Meaning can be found at the strangest of times and in the least expected of ways. Listening to others share their own struggles, triumphs, and journeys often engender a feeling of connection either with the person or some deep sense of universal order. With just the smallest sense of faith, it is possible to see patterns and purpose in experiences. Let this be a reminder when you are going through a tough time; although at first you may not understand what’s happening, in retrospect, you will. Through a chance encounter this month, you stumble upon an unintentional piece of wisdom that resonates so strongly that it single-handedly restores your confidence in something you’ve discarded. Let this energize your pursuit and be sure to tell others. Your excitement catches fire, igniting passion in those around you. On another note, this is a great time to take a class or join a group on spirituality, philosophy or even astrology.


Faith. Hope. Unconscious will of life.

Feeling a strong connection to something or someone.

Finding meaning in the mundane.

Calm after the storm.

3 of Wands

Accomplishment; a goal has been reached.

Envisioning the possibilities long before they are real. Need to detach and gain perspective.

Synthesis of ideas through foresight and planning.

Communication of ideas. Self-expression.

Confidence, security, self-assurance.

Putting thoughts into action.


Moon (3 of Cups)

Happiness can be an elusive goal when you base it on something external. The act of falling in love is more euphoric than the object; the emotion motivated by an experience is more impactful than the actual event. Yet, invariably the person and the event take all the credit and you are hypnotized into believing that the power of the experience lies outside of you. This confusion is what leads to searching for a desired effect rather than realizing that you are the creator of that effect. The need for instant gratification has weakened your ability to connect with your own feelings. If you want to feel happy, feel it. Just because you don’t have a stimulus doesn’t mean you can’t summon a desired effect. Imagine what happiness feels like and believe it. Your brain doesn’t know the difference, and this is good practice for regulating your feelings.


Uncertainty. Confusion. Disorientation.

Feeling driven by uncontrollable influences.

Enhanced intuition and prophetic dreams.

Self-deception or unobtainable fantasies.

3 of Cups

Fulfillment; a connection has been made.

The idea of love has come to fruition. Infatuation.

Celebrations such as weddings, parties, and the holiday get-together.

Feeling support from others about ideas or values.

A sublime feeling of fulfillment and gratification for life.


Chariot (10 of Wands)

How well do you know yourself? Do you know what you’re capable of under major duress? Are you aware of what potential remains untapped? Just because you excel in one area of your life doesn’t mean you’ve met your potential. There is always room for improvement. In this case, improvement refers to recognizing your weaknesses and learning more about the areas in which you overcompensate. A seemingly stable situation has a nagging sense of struggle and rather than just admit that something isn’t working out, you continue to push ahead. The problem, however, is that all the solutions you come up with sprout new problems. You’re not going to solve this issue using the same tactics that caused it. Let go if you want to see the bigger picture. You are standing in your own way. Success is a product of humility this month, not dogged determination.


Willpower and courage to confront self-made dilemmas.

Self- control and moral discipline.

Ego – individuality.

Energy to surmount obstacles. Attainment.

10 of Wands

Resurgence of Spirit.

Oppressed by one’s own means. You’ve taken on more responsibility than you can handle.

The achievement of success and fortune are now the things that are holding you down. Examine responsibilities and prioritize them for greater efficiency.

Proficiency will not be obtained until there has been some reorganization.

The imagination has been stifled by too many worldly concerns.


Wheel of Fortune (9 of Pentacles)

You are the master of your destiny – what you give your attention to grows to become your reality. There’s nothing magical about this. Look around: what you see are the results of the choices you’ve made in the past. Are you satisfied? The goal is to align your intentions with your attention. If you want a relationship but fear being alone or losing your independence; if you desire to create abundance but fear poverty, then your attention is split between two opposing feelings. Which do you think is stronger fear or hope? This month you will find yourself directing the beginning of a new project. As the momentum builds, pace yourself and be direct in your dealings with others. You have an air of confidence this month that can be quite attractive – use it wisely.

Wheel of Fortune

A new phase in life. Cycles of growth.

A goal has been set in motion.

Opportunity for success.

9 of Pentacles

Wealth; Abundance.

Insight into untapped internal resources.

Tangible gain from projects, relationships, or work situations.

Handling a situation in on your own leads to self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

Luxury and material well-being.

Achievement in your own eyes brings a sense of solitary satisfaction; you no longer need others to make you feel fulfilled.

Wishful thinking leads to blinding idealism.


Justice (2 of Pentacles)

Enough is enough. Stop messing around distracting yourself in perpetual problems with no solution. You’ve been tossing the same problem back and forth in your head for far too long. Either do it or don’t, say it or shut up, give in or give up. This ongoing game of mental volleyball is tiring and quite frankly, boring. You have the most penetrating mind of all, you seek truth, evidence and above all, personal integrity. When you don’t get caught in mind games, you rise above and find a solution unavailable to most. Use your gift for problem solving this month to rescue you and others from the tyranny of denial. Be honest about how your problems have been momentary safe harbors. You may not have known what to do then, but you do now. So, do it! Even if this means juggling resources and relationships. Also, if you’ve been postponing any legal matters, now is a good time to complete finishing touches. Benefits are just around the corner.


An honest evaluation of self. Judgments made through analysis.

Following your own code of ethics without definitions of right and wrong.

Adjustment necessary for balance.

Impartial observations and personal accountability.

2 of Pentacles

Understanding the ups and downs as part of the process.

The necessity of remaining flexible during the transition of several propositions.

Ability to juggle money, resources or situations in order to acquire the most productive results.

Harmony within change, flexibility keeps everything moving.

Change and fluctuation of material resources.


Hanged Man (4 of Pentacles)

Security and safety are interrelated, however relative and irrational they may sometimes seem. Obvious things like money, shelter, and love are common to most people because they equate to survival. Less obvious and more paradoxical are addictions and negative situations. Yet, they too provide a sense of safety especially when the alternative seems even more distressing. The areas you feel stuck are likely an example of this distorted sense of security. For instance, you don’t like your job or relationship but won’t attempt to change it; you want to get healthier yet can’t seem to let go of unhealthy habits or mindsets. To shift your life, you must first shift your perspective. Go back to the basics and be honest about how you really feel. This is an optimal time to let go of some stubborn unhealthy habits and open yourself up to a new vision of success. Those who’ve been waiting for the big bonus or payout, here it comes. Thank yourself for being patient.

Hanged Man

Letting go of mental control and seeing the situation differently.

Sacrifice leads to success.

Release the need to know.

Do the opposite of what is expected.

4 of Pentacles

Productivity; material security.

Owning your own personal power, energy, or vitality.

Clinging tightly to something or someone; if done excessively, this will prevent further growth.

Giving structure to an established situation. Feeling protected or grounded in the current situation.

Safeguarding your current holdings will prevent further incentive and result in stagnation.

Selfishness, greed, or possessiveness. Control issues.


Empress (10 of Pentacles)

What does pleasure mean to you? How do you feel most loved and secure? These are not questions to be taken lightly. Your values are worth revisiting. Perhaps you hold onto tradition when it no longer belongs, or maybe you aspire for goals that don’t match your picture of fulfillment. You know something’s up when everything around you is fine, yet something within you is not. For that matter, chaos around you is also call for addressing what is chaotic within. More than ever, your desire for internal peace requires your attention. Be the mother you wish you always had. Nurture your talents and forgive your mistakes. Encourage change but protect vulnerability. On another note, family traditions this month have you visiting or tolerating the older generations. If it’s been awhile since you’ve made contact, now is the time. You’ll also likely learn a thing or two about your own heritage. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore your roots and if given the chance, share your own history with those younger than you. Life is a story, pass it on.


Growth and abundance are available when the cycles of life are accepted.

Maternal and creative principle.

Patience and support are necessary.

Security and consistency.

10 of Pentacles

Resurgence of Accomplishment.

A state of wealth and prosperity on all levels of consciousness.

Current security is stable and steady, but not stimulating.

A sense of being part of a family or protective unit. Grandparents.

Real estate purchase or an inheritance of some sort.

Job security, good income, and success of a worthwhile objective.


Fool (Knight of Swords)

Who wears their heart on their sleeve? You do! (Unless you’ve got some Scorpio in you.) You have the openness of a child, a naiveté of the heart, a free-spirit that enjoys the adventure of life. Can this get you in trouble at times? Yes, but who cares, right? Living life to the fullest is the goal. Ok now, let’s come back to reality. While this attitude is certainly better than hiding in a closet waiting for Armageddon, there is value to grounding yourself the mundane world, too. This month will introduce the temptation to leap into that cherished adventure, however, much to your chagrin, impulsivity will deliver some big consequences. Count to ten and weigh your options because in this case, there’s still an exciting offer around the corner. Door number one or door number two? It’s a gamble for sure, yet it’s the difference between instant gratification and a longer lasting fulfillment.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

Letting go of expectations and jumping into the unknown.

Guided by instinct, not logic.

Knight of Swords

Vitality of Understanding

Erratic changes caused by sudden events that shake the complacency of any situation, usually to prove some point. Conflict centered on quarrels or differences of opinions.

Forcing ideas stubbornly, focused on intellectual pursuits while neglecting other facets of life.

In search of solutions to theoretical perceptions, however, without taking into account the feelings of others.

Ability to move in sync with changes and turbulence while allowing a broader concept of life to develop.


Devil (4 of Cups)

What have you learned from your relationships? How to give in, despite not receiving, or how to love even when you’re not loved in return? Did you learn to hide your feelings out of fear of being hurt, or how to protect your feelings to assure that someone will not take advantage of you? Maybe you learned that love involves pain and disappointment, that it’s better be alone than risk being lonely with another. Sound depressing? Do you believe another person completes you, that love conquers all, that true love means unconditional love and ongoing passion? Sound realistic? Time to examine your beliefs about love and get to the root of what you truly value. It’s highly possible that you’re treating love with an uncompromising attitude. Past experiences don’t have to dictate the present, but you’ll need to see through illusions and old thinking for a new experience.


Self-imposed limitations.

Bondage through fear.

Projections that impair judgment.


Lack of self-awareness.

Dependency. Manipulation.

The pursuit of material pleasures.

4 of Cups

Doldrums; something taken for granted.

Discontent with what you have may cause brooding or imaginary worries.

Seeing only your point of view; you may need to re-assess your position.

Emotional dissatisfaction for no apparent reason, other than unreal expectations.

Feelings of apathy or resentment Turn within for answers.