Adrienne’s Monthly Tarotscope

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.
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Moon (9 of Pentacles)

Your usual eager energy might feel a little sapped as you start out this year. Not to worry though, you’ll perk up in no time. However, rather then trying to force through the haze, what if you just give yourself a little more time to reflect? We know patience isn’t really your thing, but tenacity is. There is something very important just beyond the discomfort of the unknown. If you can remain still, you might be surprised by what comes up to meet you. This year promises depth and healing or discomfort and suffering. The unresolved or overlooked issues from the past are bound to arise begging you to confront them once and for all. You are equipped to deal with them and certainly courageous enough to try. Financial security will be your first test, how do you respond when you are faced with the challenge. Contrary to popular belief, security is not always shaken by lack, sometimes it’s disturbed by not knowing what to do with what you have or not feeling fulfilled. Whatever you do or don’t do is a statement about how safe you feel. The energy of the year will shift in proportion to how you feel about your place in it. Be generous, be kind and be you!


Uncertainty. Confusion. Disorientation.

Feeling driven by uncontrollable influences.

Enhanced intuition and prophetic dreams.

Self-deception or unobtainable fantasies.

9 of Pentacles

Wealth; Abundance.

Insight into untapped internal resources.

Tangible gain from projects, relationships, or work situations.

Handling a situation in on your own leads to self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

Luxury and material well-being.

Achievement in your own eyes brings a sense of solitary satisfaction; you no longer need others to make you feel fulfilled.

Wishful thinking leads to blinding idealism.


Justice (2 of Cups)

Relationships are reciprocal exchanges of energy – give and take, you and me – which require equity and balance. The elements of a good relationship are cooperation, compromise, consideration, empathy, support, validation, the list goes on and on. The golden rule of treating others the way you wish to be treated has been a guiding principle for ages, but do people really follow it? It sounds so simple in theory, yet what about those of us who do more for others than ourselves or conversely, those who are more self-interested. What is equitable, and do you evaluate it? This year an examination of your relationships will help you understand just what is fair and what is not. Be honest about how fulfilled you are and whether you are equally good at giving as you are receiving. The inequities in your primary relationships are bound to cause strife if you don’t address them honestly. Be willing to have those awkward conversations, to listen with compassion and if necessary, cut out toxic people. Remember, the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. If you’re not honest with yourself, how can you be honest with others? Be mindful of pending legal issues. The best course of action, if possible, is to seek reconciliation instead of revenge.


An honest evaluation of self. Judgments made through analysis.

Following your own code of ethics without definitions of right and wrong.

Adjustment necessary for balance.

Impartial observations and personal accountability.

Two of Cups

Beginning of relationship or a reconciliation of opposites.

A love affair, partnership, or encounter that provokes deep emotions.

Inner peace. Finding balance within a relationship.

The mirroring of your emotions through that of another.

Opening up to others through compassionate response. Feeling great affinity towards another.


Lovers (King of Cups)

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most emotional of them all? You! No, you! Me? Who? Get ahold of yourself, will you? There will be a lot of emotions flying around this year so be wise about how you invest in others. You’re not innocent either, you’ll likely be dumping as well. The lesson this year is to recognize how your emotions affect your decisions and the people around you. Even you so-called logical, stoic, aloof individuals, your emotional restraint has an impact on your relationships. Being emotional gets a bad rap most of the time, but emotions are just as important as our other five senses. We feel through them, we evaluate, we are motivated to respond. The problem arises, however, when you are unable to identify or regulate them. What you can’t deal with internally, you can’t deal with externally. You need to be in touch with yourself to truly connect with another, equally, your emotional intelligence guides your ability to make meaningful decisions. Some of the important decisions you’ll make this year revolve around the quality of the relationships you are currently in. Some might need stronger boundaries, others more emotional connection and some might need to rest in peace. As for your relationship with yourself, this is a time of healing whatever fractures remain.


Decisions that require a sacrifice.

Recognize the motivation for choice.

An important relationship.

Relationships are a reflection of us.

King of Cups

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Person who seeks to form relationships or to help others in some way.

Compassionate and empathetic to others, yet uneasy about one’s own feelings or personal life. Master of emotions who is able to change moods at will.

Forming relationships where one remains in control so they do not get hurt again.

Action based on intuition or deeply rooted feelings.

If the King stands for a situation, it is the intention of feelings that lead to changes in the environment.


Tower (8 of Wands)

Consider the times in your life when you learned and grew the most or when you awakened to something so profound it changed your life forever. I bet the catalyst was something unsettling, uncomfortable and unpredictable. Security can be stifling when it prevents fresh perspective. This year offers a serving of change, adventure with a small side of crisis. A deadlocked situation will finally have a breakthrough, and although this will disrupt the routine, it will also release all the pent-up energy. Life will move at a rapid pace once the seal is broken, so prepare yourself for the adventure ahead. You need some open space to see the bigger picture. If taking a trip or doing a geographical move is possible, go for it. For the wanderers and gypsy souls, your journey has a different trajectory: you need to put down some roots this year. Jumping from lily pad to lily pad isn’t the best plan right now. Find a safe harbor and drop an anchor for a while. You’ll be amazed at what you can create when you sit still. By the fall, you’ll look back and appreciate the change.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

The truth revealed through crisis.

Dismantling of ego constructs.

Dramatic changes in store.

8 of Wands

Decisive Action -Travel card.

Inundated with spontaneous ideas that may soon become reality.

A high-energy period for initiating changes, especially from deadlock situations.

Fast movement and rapid growth. The climax after a period of delay or stagnation. Confidence and renewed energy developed by surmounting past obstacles. Phases quickly coming to a finish; tie up loose ends.

Mental activity or thirst for knowledge.


Empress (Queen of Swords) 

Relationships are one of the most common ways in which to get our needs met. We reach to others for nurturing, attention, validation and support amongst other things. However, when we don’t get our needs met, we act out, shut down or pretend we don’t care. These immature attempts are akin to throwing a tantrum. The template for relationships originates in the bond between child and parent. If you didn’t get your needs met there or learn how to meet your own needs, it is likely that you don’t always know how to identify what you need, or how to communicate it. Instead, you may sulk or harbor resentments and expectations. Not only is it your responsibility to tend to your own needs, but it’s also paramount for any good relationship. Once our needs are met, we are free to express our wants and desires with others. Your partner, friends, and family are there to support not save you. As a parent, it is your job to tend to childhood needs, but then teach your children how to successfully soothe and support themselves. This is the basis of self-care, self-love, and confidence. If and when you want support, you ask, you express, and you receive. This year’s theme will involve reparenting yourself, detaching with love and authentic self-expression.


Growth and abundance are available when the cycles of life are accepted.

Maternal and creative principle.

Patience and support are necessary.

Security and consistency.

Queen of Swords

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
An independent person who is intelligent, rational and tends to be cool in a crisis.

Experiences of sorrow lead to understanding the necessity of bearing pain silently and with courage. This allows for managing life’s difficulties.
Upholding the truth at the expense of others’ feelings.

Detachment from the emotions causes a feeling of frustration and isolation.
Clinging to an ideal that is too perfect for anyone to fulfill, while protecting vulnerability.

If the Queen stands for an event, there is a need to adopt strength during a difficult time by way of changing thoughts.


Hanged Man (6 of Swords)

A shift in perspective is on the horizon for 2019. Your first encounter with this will be a feeling of powerlessness also referred to as ‘feeling stuck.’ Rather than sinking into despair or apathy, consider how this might be a moment for reflection, a chance to see your situation from a different perspective. Resistance will only cause more frustration. Lean into the discomfort and look around. You’ll probably notice expectations that are no longer fitting, regrets that are weighing you down, plans that you’ve done nothing about. There is much to be explored in this seemingly inactive phase. As the year progresses, so will your outlook. Pay attention to the big picture then work backward to fill in the details. You tend to get stuck in seeing the problems, forgetting that they are merely steps in the process. For those who continue to find themselves stuck in reoccurring patterns, it’s time to examine how your thinking got you there. You are not a victim when the same situation happens over and over, you are an active participant. If you want to change the pattern, find the root and pull that sucker out. Those in the process of moving or changing locations, there might be a slight delay in plans. Use this time to double check everything.

Hanged Man

Letting go of mental control and seeing the situation differently.

Sacrifice leads to success.

Release the need to know.

Do the opposite of what is expected.

6 of Swords


New insights help to overcome old problems often leading to unconventional solutions. Feeling burdened with responsibilities, but doing the right thing to solve them.

A keen ability to analyze and objectify information in order to explain to others.

Solving problems by distancing one’s self in order to gain perspective and see both sides of the dilemma. A release of tension and anxiety after a period of strain.

A journey or short trip.


World (Ace of Wands)

Assuming you learned a lot about yourself over the last year, 2019 is bound to be a remarkable year of personal growth. Learning is not the same as doing though so keep in mind that you must put into practice all the important lessons and nuggets of wisdom you gained. There is no room for excuses when you commit to change. Patterns and habits that have been holding you back need to be replaced with new healthy habits. Progress not perfection is the goal. There is no better time to manifest your heart’s desire. Just remember that means action, not reflection. The year will start out with inspired vision, trust in yourself and keep up the momentum to make things happen. Whatever great ideas have been percolating are ready to launch. The buns in the oven are ready for serving. The chimes in the background have turned to wedding bells. The world is your oyster, now get out your shucking knife and crack it open. You get the picture, don’t you?


Closure or attainment of goals. Integration.

Overcoming obstacles through harmony.

Synthesis of many different ideas, things, or people.


Birth or Marriage.

Ace of Wands

Inspiration; power of the spirit.

New ideas or opportunities in the area of a business venture or creative enterprise.

Creative energy must be channeled appropriately to produce desired vision.

Insights or inspirations that new things are possible.


Fool (Knight of Cups)

A leap of faith can be foolish or it can be wise. Who really knows what it is at the beginning other than a compulsion to follow your gut. The battle between the heart and head is as old as time. One camp says not to listen to your head because it is overly logical, the other campaigns not to fall for irrational sentiment. OMG! It’s all so confusing. I contend that intuition is the marriage between the two. The voice of our wise mind supersedes the gossip of our doubts. You’re known to be both intuitive and suspicious so finding a balance is your quandary. The focus this year will be learning how to trust yourself and remain true to who you are. Your obstacles will be strange because rather than feeling like you are fighting against something or someone, you will feel pulled between two internal directions. In areas of love, your devotion will be tested. The question of who you remain more committed to, yourself or the other, is a paradox. Professionally, your doubts about your path might cause you to sabotage all your efforts if you can’t tolerate the uncertainty. Life is not about extremes, so build a bridge between the chasm of all or nothing. Focus on your love for life, your connection to a higher power, your calling – whatever, just don’t give in to the gossip. You got this!


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

Letting go of expectations and jumping into the unknown.

Guided by instinct, not logic.

Knight of Cups

Vitality of Openness.

A time in which feelings and perceptions are used for a relationship or an artistic creation.

A pursuit of thoughts and fantasies may be causing one to chase an unobtainable dream or affair.

A quest for truth, beauty, or love.

Propositions in love or in the field of arts.

A rival in love. Fighting for an ideal.

Difficulty with commitment. In love with love.


Death (3 of Pentacles)

Well, this is apropos for the new year, right?! Change, transformation, renewal, out with the old, etc. Let’s narrow it down though, shall we? At first, you may be a little disappointed because some of your plans fail to launch. A project you’ve been working on with others is likely going to have some problems or major setbacks. Not to worry though, because it is through this that you will unintentionally find another avenue for money, education or work. Do not be attached to anything at the beginning of the year because there are bigger plans operating in the background. Failure is not possible when accomplishment is measured by attempt: keep trying, keep doing, keep going. There are several ways to make something happen, and in this case, there is more to gain in the process than by the outcome. Additionally, your overly independent, I-can-do-this-on-my-own attitude will also be tested, and hopefully softened as you discover that you actually need some help. Your pride and impatience are so last year. Imagine the extra time you’ll have to play if you practice delegating. Imagine the love you’ll feel if you let others help you. There are big changes on the horizon: ready, set, go!


Transformation of form.

Ending of a cycle beginning of new.

Shedding of old ways.

Giving up destructive attitudes.

Ego death, end of attachments.

3 of Pentacles

Success; victory has been tasted.

Physical persistence and planning needed for a situation.

Displaying work for approval purposes.

Material gain through effort or creative abilities.

Utilizing new skills in the process of manifestation.

Working together or consolidating past efforts. The master craftsman or the skilled artist.


Sun (2 of Pentacles) 

Success is relative to what we value and is often at first measured by external currency. Status, money, and accomplishments are but one form of success that merely scratch the surface of true happiness. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all great and certainly contribute to a level of comfort that facilitates ease, but like Notorious B.I.G sings, “mo money, mo problems.” The dark side of this kind of success is that it can trap you, drain you, stress you the eff out. Luckily, success wears many hats, so when you take this one off, there are others to choose. This year has you reassigning your actions to support more purposeful goals. Each moment offers the prospect to be happy, joyous and free – even when there are challenges. You’ll need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle if you want to feel free. You don’t need to be locked into your schedule or chained to your obligations. Shift your focus a little and you’ll begin to see where there is extra space to enjoy life. I’m not suggesting you quit your job (unless you want to) only that you quit the oppressive mindset that tends to hold you back. Make it a point to get out of your routine this year, to incorporate a new hobby or rekindle an old one. True success is a measurement of how you feel about life.


Clarity and enlightenment. Success and achievement.

Self-confidence, independence, and determination.

Opportunity for personal advancement.

Creativity and talent. Inspirational. Healing.

2 of Pentacles

Understanding the ups and downs as part of the process.

The necessity of remaining flexible during the transition of several propositions.

Ability to juggle money, resources or situations in order to acquire the most productive results.

Harmony within change, flexibility keeps everything moving.

Change and fluctuation of material resources.


Magician (3 of Wands) 

Your year will start out with a bang so be sure you’ve got your intentions pointed in the direction you want. Previous goals either need to be implemented or discarded to harness the energy you have within. The tendency to become scattered and overwhelmed is high right now because there is so much at stake. You are known for both your razor-sharp focus and your disorderliness. Too many irons in the fire is not the way to start out this year. If you can collaborate or seek counsel, do it because it’s best to have a plan, even if only a rough sketch. A goal you initiated back in October is ready for the next phase. You’ll find yourself bubbling with creative ideas and fresh inspiration. If this has anything to do with writing, speaking or painting, this endeavor will likely be a transform into a major opportunity by next fall. On a personal note, cherish your friendships this year for they will teach you more about yourself than you can imagine. Since we never stop growing, friends and family are best for helping us learn more about who we are. Not only do they push our buttons, but they also love us despite ourselves.


Using personal skills and talents to create a desired result.

Initiating new goals and endeavors.


Self-awareness, and focus on personal growth.

3 of Wands

Accomplishment; a goal has been reached.

Envisioning the possibilities long before they are real. Need to detach and gain perspective.

Synthesis of ideas through foresight and planning.

Communication of ideas. Self-expression.

Confidence, security, self-assurance.

Putting thoughts into action.


Devil (Queen of Wands)

It is said that what we despise in another is something we have not yet accepted in ourselves. But I would argue that what we overly admire or worship in another is also something we have not yet accepted in ourselves. Look around and notice what it is in others that you are either attracted to or repulsed by and you will find a screen for your projections. It’s easy to dismiss the unsavory characteristics like vanity, pride, and arrogance but remember that these qualities are merely extremes of others. The interpretation of others says more about you than it does them. Before you cast your judgment, ask yourself if perhaps there is something you might secretly envy in the other. This year, the qualities associated with confidence will be needed for you to get your point across. If you’re uncomfortable expressing yourself for fear of being seen as arrogant, prideful and vain, you’re missing an opportunity. Imagine what it would feel like to feel proud of yourself – self-esteem, to take an interest in your appearance – self-care, and to speak with certainty about what you know – confidence. Your interactions with the world would change because you would show up confidently. Try it and let me know how it goes.


Self-imposed limitations.

Bondage through fear.

Projections that impair judgment.


Lack of self-awareness.

Dependency. Manipulation.

The pursuit of material pleasures.

Queen of Wands

(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Strong-willed with a loyalty of the heart, and the strength of creative imagination to sustain a vision or goal.

A desire for recognition and a willingness to stand up for one’s beliefs.

The ability to cope while there is much external change.

A loyal confidante who gives mature and loving advice.

A powerful woman who demands control over your affairs in return for her advice and financial assistance.

Preferring passion to eternal love.

If the Queen stands for a situation, attention to your vision is needed before taking action.