Adrienne’s Monthly Tarotscope

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.
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Chariot (5 of Cups)

Willpower, strength, and determination all sound like great assets to the personality, right? Well, there’s a time and a place for everything, and this month those qualities need to be tempered with good ol’ confidence. I’m not talking about shallow pride: “I don’t care, it is what it is” BS. I’m referring to the kind of honesty that allows for insight into your own foolishness. No doubt, you’ll go through a loss this month (or you’re still nursing a loss from last month) but rather than fight for, cling to or focus on what is gone, be honest about how you contributed to this and start looking at what remains. Don’t let your bruised ego sap your motivation. Admit your part even if the other won’t admit theirs. Be the bigger person. In the long run, this will pay off. Those stuck in an emotionally hopeless situation, get out! Go for it. The road ahead might be bumpy, but you deserve the freedom. Just because you might be committed to a situation doesn’t mean you need to be consumed by it.


Willpower and courage to confront self-made dilemmas.

Self- control and moral discipline.

Ego – individuality.

Energy to surmount obstacles. Attainment.

5 of Cups

Emotional Crisis.

Sadness that is a result of an emotional attachment to an unfulfilled expectation.

A situation of loss where something remains; there are new alternatives to be explored.

Deep sadness of the soul. Regret over past actions. Relying too much on others for love. Betrayed by another or a break up of a relationship.


Hierophant (8 of Cups)


Seeking answers through traditions and social structures, religion, and philosophy.

Higher learning.

Professional assistance.

Asking the questions that lead to revelations.

8 of Cups


Emotional stagnation. Being depleted or drained due to a hopeless situation.

Leaving the past behind or abandoning the situation is necessary; you have done all you can and there is nothing more to get out of it.

Unavoidable regret of leaving something of value during a transition.

Old emotional wounds could be hindering growth in current situations.


Tower (Ace of Swords)

Have you been feeling a little stuck, bored or ambivalent? Get ready to
Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. Your greatest epiphanies were born from the wreckage of crisis. Growth is only painful when we cling too tightly to an established belief system. An expansive perception must be flexible and willing to let go. Although you cannot prepare yourself for the unexpected occurrence, you can foster a mindset that moves with the current instead of against it. A major disruption this month (major is relative) will test your attitude. Who are you in the face of conflict. How do you live into all your professed beliefs? You’ll certainly have a chance to practice what you preach. Don’t lose your cool too quickly or you’ll miss out on the breakthrough. Once the dust settles, you’ll need to be mentally prepared to make clear decisions. Notice how your thoughts and words have an impact on your environment. You’ll need a purposeful attitude to make the best of this.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

The truth revealed through crisis.

Dismantling of ego constructs.

Dramatic changes in store.

Ace of Swords

Ideas; power of the mind.

New perception emerges out of a seemingly chaotic situation and may be accompanied by a strong feeling of mental anxiety.

The energy of discrimination and discernment.

The beginning of inevitable changes that will shake the complacency of any situation.

Old order is threatened which may cause conflict and separation.


The World (Queen of Swords)

How we evaluate success, changes over time. In early stages, it’s often measured by what you’ve attained or created – out there. You feel great being recognized by others, you seek accolades and compensation. Those early success’ fuel your self-worth and sense of confidence. In the next stages, success might be more personally directed: overcoming obstacles, achieving personal goals, establishing yourself in the world. In the highest stage, success becomes more globally directed with an internal payoff. What you do to contribute to the whole, also contributes to your own accomplishment. This month you’ll be questioning your own feelings of success, either because you’re not feeling appreciated for what you’re doing, your work is not meaningful, or you’re simply too consumed and feeling disconnected from others. It’s time to reassess your personal goals and find more meaningful ways to connect. You’ve got talents that need to be shared. It’s your responsibility to play a part in the whole.


Closure or attainment of goals. Integration.

Overcoming obstacles through harmony.

Synthesis of many different ideas, things, or people.


Birth or Marriage.

Queen of Swords

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
An independent person who is intelligent, rational and tends to be cool in a crisis.

Experiences of sorrow lead to understanding the necessity of bearing pain silently and with courage. This allows for managing life’s difficulties.
Upholding the truth at the expense of others’ feelings.

Detachment from the emotions causes a feeling of frustration and isolation.
Clinging to an ideal that is too perfect for anyone to fulfill, while protecting vulnerability.

If the Queen stands for an event, there is a need to adopt strength during a difficult time by way of changing thoughts.


Emperor (6 of Cups)

Remember that 50’s show Father Knows Best? Yeah, it was before my time as well. But the name became a catchphrase that endured over time. The father figure is associated with our traditions, childhood rules and expectations, and serves as a model of how we behave in the world. Let’s face it, this isn’t the 50’s anymore and like the outdated model of a father, families have also evolved into unique systems. No matter what generation you’re from, you too have experienced the changes in the modern family. The connection between your own childhood family and that of your current one will come into focus this month as you encounter something sentimental or someone from your past. Issues or memories related to your father will also become present in a way that requires you to make some adjustments. Might be time to let go or reach out. For the fellows, your relationship with your own father is especially important because it shapes how you both show up as a man, and act as a father yourself – even if by contrast. Ladies, with daddy issues (that’s all of us), it’s inevitable that those issues come out in your relationships (lesbians included). Take note of what you didn’t get growing up and what you did get, that you wish you hadn’t. Awareness of this pattern will help work out the kinks from your past.


Structure and authority.

Logic and power.

Constructive use of resources.

The situation is stabilized or too rigid.

Paternal and productive principle.

6 of Cups


Memory or renewal of something from the past.

Romanticizing or living in the past.

Past efforts bring present or future rewards.

Childhood memories, an encounter with an old friend, lover, or acquaintance.

The timing is right and a cherished dream should be acted upon.


Death (Queen of Pentacles)

If death was your teacher, what could you learn? While the biological instinct to live, naturally avoids an early death, the acceptance of this inevitable passage, affords a life worth living. The undeniable truth that we are all going to die. How we spend our time living is always in our own hands. People who’ve had near death experiences or major losses report feeling the urgency to live more intentionally. You busy yourself with responsibilities and obligations, jumping from lily pad to lily pad. You spend energy worrying and planning about things that aren’t in your control. You forget to take care of yourself and your relationships, putting off what is frivolous, banishing it to someday. Why? Death teaches how to live in the moment, how to nurture and appreciate what is – as if it will never be again. Death reminds you to smell the flowers, kiss your beloved’s, go on that trip, work a job you love. All that you are in happening in this moment. Cherish every scrumptious bite. Even your problems are a source of life, and if on your death bed, you have the privilege of reflecting on your life, you’ll appreciate every one of them. Be honest about how security is holding you back from change. Trust the process and initiate. What you cling to will not prevent change, it’ll only make you suffer unnecessarily.


Transformation of form.

Ending of a cycle beginning of new.

Shedding of old ways.

Giving up destructive attitudes.

Ego death, end of attachments.

Queen of Pentacles

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Connected with sensuality of the body and what is needed to preserve and nurture it.

Sustaining and conserving energy and material resources, particularly by making good use of practical talents or creativity.

Accepting responsibility and being fair in business while giving help of a practical nature. Dependence, possessiveness, resistance to change, lazy, and territorial.

If the Queen relates to a situation, it is stable and connected to values.


Judgment (9 of Cups)

The season of renewal is upon you, and just in time for you to express the joy and freedom that comes from awakening. We are fooled into believing that happiness, success, spiritual evolution happens one day following a series of this or that. You don’t have to do anything particular to attain these levels of consciousness. In fact, by simply placing your awareness on these or any desired states, you become them. Wake up to the present moment and breath into what you are. You are pure bliss. You are not what has happened to you or what you regret. You are not your emotions, your body, your personality. You are the awareness that sees all of this. Place your attention on what you choose. Sure, it might take an extended period and practice to refocus your attention from a conditioned mindset to something new. But what do you have to lose? Do you enjoy feeling trapped in a negative state? That’s just a trance anyway. Waking up means being alert, present and an active participant in life. This month is full of peace, pleasure and possibility – live into it.


Accountability for self.

Recognizing past mistakes.

Experiencing the effects of something you caused. Karma.

Redemption through reflection.

Finding more purpose in life.

9 of Cups

Wish card.

Overindulgence or hedonism.

Emotional stability, fulfillment, and happiness.

Avoiding worries and problems by concentrating on the simple pleasures.

Manifesting what the imagination has visualized.

Doing what you love and feeling satisfied with the process.

Wishful thinking leads to blinding idealism.


Temperance (7 of Wands)

Creativity is magical because it activates aspects that have not yet been lived out. It gives birth to a spectrum of possibilities and it is open to interpretation. Life is creative! You don’t need to be a formal artist to be creative. The act of being is an art. However, art is not always pleasing to the eye especially when it is done without intention. Similarly, life is not always beautiful, but it can be what you make it. To be the artist of your life, you must begin with yourself. You cannot create beauty externally if you have not created internally. Harmony is beauty, balance is peace, and unity is composure. There is no need to resist what is, to defend or resign because the art of negotiating teaches you how to work with your challenges by rising above yourself. You have untapped creative potential that can only be discovered by using the canvas at hand. The courage to meet your obstacles, face your opponents, and embrace your limitations is the same energy that transforms nothing into something and reduces something into nothing. If you don’t overreact, drama turns into comedy. If you engage intentionally, that small nuisance becomes a remarkable opportunity. The magic is in the mixture.


Creating a balance through opposites.

Finding the middle ground.

Moderation. Compromise.

Blending of forces.

Emotional consideration.

7 of Wands

Initiation into the Mystery.

A test of faith in yourself is suggested by how hard you are willing to work.

Facing up to a situation on your own and asserting your point.

There is a need to develop courage and self-confidence to stand by your convictions.

Conditions intensifying; prepare as efforts you assumed were going well will suddenly change.

Competition which inspires you to reach further.


Devil (King of Swords)

The power of the mind can be used for good or evil and is the creator of such qualitative concepts – good and evil. The mind strives to make sense, to slice and dice, organize and qualify. We believe the stories, the concepts, the interpretations of our busy little minds, that is until we are shocked, disturbed, embarrassed, or disgusted. Not everything can be reduced to a neat little package of explanation and not everything operates from logic. You cannot figure your darkness away, you cannot blame others for your deepest tragedies, you can’t even cling to rainbows and sunshine without getting lost and burned in the process. A truly powerful mind is one that can reflect upon its own nature, cut through its hubris and see the interconnectedness in all beings. To train your mind you must own its projections. You’ll confront some ugliness this month, in yourself and/or in others. Before you react in your conditioned ways, check it out, investigate your reactions, explore your judgments. Make nothing your enemy, including your own mind and you will be at peace with darkness – the contrast of light.


Self-imposed limitations.

Bondage through fear.

Projections that impair judgment.


Lack of self-awareness.

Dependency. Manipulation.

The pursuit of material pleasures.

King of Swords

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
An intelligent person in a position of authority who is wise and logical.

A calm person who dislikes displays of emotions or pleas for mercy; he judges harshly but with impeccable fairness.

Emotionally sterile with strong principles that lack any depth of feeling.

A tendency to be domineering, arrogant, and self–centered.

If the King stands for an event, one may be judged based on the facts of the situation and not the reasons why. Make intentional choices to ensure a positive outcome.


Hanged Man (4 of Cups)

Have you ever done a headstand or hung upside down? The combination of the blood rushing to your brain and the dizziness of the world turned on its side is a confusing and somewhat exhilarating experience. There’s nothing to do but remain still. Every once in a while, you’ll stumble into this state of being, as if by some sheer stroke of insight, you’ll come to have a new vision of the world. You’ll be visited by an old problem, one you thought had been solved long ago. Rather than writhe and rant, devote yourself to the deeper understanding of its return. The exploration of your problems is what bestows purpose, not the resolution. Perhaps you have become stuck in your comfort, complacent in your search or misguided in your ambitions. Here is the opportunity to see things from the inside out or upside down. There is a unique offering through this experience, a field of activity that cannot be seen externally. Turn your gaze inward and notice how comfort has been suffocating wisdom.

Hanged Man

Letting go of mental control and seeing the situation differently.

Sacrifice leads to success.

Release the need to know.

Do the opposite of what is expected.

4 of Cups

Doldrums; something taken for granted.

Discontent with what you have may cause brooding or imaginary worries.

Seeing only your point of view; you may need to re-assess your position.

Emotional dissatisfaction for no apparent reason, other than unreal expectations.

Feelings of apathy or resentment Turn within for answers.


Hermit (Knight of Pentacles)

The pursuit of truth requires utmost patience, honesty, and self-discipline and even then, emotional maturity is needed to fully understand. There are many moments in life in which the only way, is through the center. We use the expression, ‘get over’ to describe an incomplete process of healing. Getting over something only postpones its inevitable return. In contrast, to go through something is following the path of wisdom. It’s during these inner journeys that your ego learns to adjust itself to the more meaningful lessons of life, and it is through this process that your humility reveals the true nature of your character. Don’t wait for a crisis to instigate this pursuit of truth, start a practice of contemplation. For those blessed with a breadth of knowledge, intellect alone can never penetrate the heart. Wisdom is born from the depths of the heart. Give yourself an opportunity for reflection by withdrawing from all the business and hectic hustle. You’ll find if you listen to your inner voice that something you’re currently working on, is ready to be released.


Solitude. Wisdom through self-analysis.

Waiting. More internal activity than outer.

A loneliness that leads to a deeper understanding.

Sharing your experiences with others.

Knight of Pentacles

Vitality of Effort.

An eventual positive end to a situation that is long overdue.

Capability to endure with great amounts of energy and perseverance, yet at the expense of motivation and passion. Focusing attention on building something secure and stable in a pragmatic fashion to reap the most efficient results. Setting a persistent goal and following through despite any obstacles.

Acting humble enough to relate to the menial tasks of life.


Magician (2 of Pentacles)

The power of consciousness is what energizes and animates our world. “Let there be light” was spoken by the creator to illustrate the first stage of creation. “I think therefore I am” is another proverb describing the exchange between thoughts and reality. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think,” another motto explaining the force our mind has over our lives. If thinking is the first step in manifestation, the quality of thoughts becomes the material we create from. To achieve what you want, you must know how to focus your energy. While there are two sides to everything – oppositions and compliments – and it is important to maintain a flexible mindset, instability and vacillation will undermine your intentions. You’ll need to make a choice this month or at least an attempt at pursuing one path. You’ve been indecisive and non-committal for too long on this issue. Assert yourself, follow through, concentrate on one thing at a time. This can be a very prosperous time at work and home. You will profit from giving your undivided attention to your goal. This doesn’t mean you can’t maintain flexibility, your intuition will guide you when you are clear on what you want.


Using personal skills and talents to create a desired result.

Initiating new goals and endeavors.


Self-awareness, and focus on personal growth.

2 of Pentacles

Understanding the ups and downs as part of the process.

The necessity of remaining flexible during the transition of several propositions.

Ability to juggle money, resources or situations in order to acquire the most productive results.

Harmony within change, flexibility keeps everything moving.

Change and fluctuation of material resources.