Adrienne’s Monthly Tarotscope

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.
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Lovers (10 of Wands)

You know that saying, “the road less traveled?” Ponder it this month as you are confronted with an obstacle that leads to a forced decision. Your current burden can be lightened if only you consider going about it in a different way. Simple as that sounds, you’re kind of attached to the stress because it makes you feel important. That, and you believe if you keep at it, something will change. Sorry to say, it won’t this time. Try practicing contrary action: do the opposite of what you would normally do. Although, at first it may feel a little unfamiliar, you’re lightened load, will create space for new opportunities. There is something valuable that you’ve been postponing, and with this increase of pressure, comes the perfect time to take a detour and travel a new road. Those at the end of your rope with a relationship, time to cut ties and move on. Either, literally or let go of all your complaining and accept things as they are.


Decisions that require a sacrifice.

Recognize the motivation for choice.

An important relationship.

Relationships are a reflection of us.

10 of Wands

Resurgence of Spirit.

Oppressed by one’s own means. You’ve taken on more responsibility than you can handle.

The achievement of success and fortune are now the things that are holding you down. Examine responsibilities and prioritize them for greater efficiency.

Proficiency will not be obtained until there has been some reorganization.

The imagination has been stifled by too many worldly concerns.


The Hanged Man (7 of Swords)

We protect ourselves through a myriad of masks. Sometimes we don the persona of the happy-go-lucky friend who never seems to have any problems. Other times, the helper or the advocate, etc. These masks have become a part of our wardrobe — well worn and comfortable. We may have the best intentions when choosing one — like pretending everything is ok when it’s not — but how much peace of mind can we attain if we are never genuinely being ourselves? You may notice the thorn of resentment rising this month. Pay attention and see if you can’t find ways of honoring yourself by speaking up when your feelings need to be acknowledged or recognizing when someone else’s feelings need to be acknowledged even if it means accepting you hurt them. Give the people in your life a chance to respond to the real you. A situation arises this month which you are trying to control through a veil of pretense — broaden your perspective and ask yourself if sacrificing the ego in this matter wouldn’t actually be better for everyone involved.

Hanged Man

Letting go of mental control and seeing the situation differently.

Sacrifice leads to success.

Release the need to know.

Do the opposite of what is expected.

7 of Swords

Leap of Commitment

Inner doubt and indecisiveness cause the refusal to confront certain perceptions.

Shrinking away from conflict. Passive aggressive tactics.

Creating a plan of action using evasive tactics. Good time to use brain instead of brawn. May be in danger of being taken advantage of, or you might be the one using underhanded techniques.

Craftiness or cunning ability to get what is needed.


The Devil (4 of Pentacles)

It’s interesting what we will endure under the guise of security. Abusive relationships, awful work environments, co-dependent friendships, and the list goes on. Something keeps us attached out of comfort, causing us to cling to time invested, money, status, power rather than personal or spiritual values. While it may be comfortable to play the victim and even get attention for your bad situation, you will find far greater reward through the responsibility of change and own your personal growth. This month you are being called to recognize a situation for what it really is and to understand that you have only to decide to unshackled yourself from its perverse hold on you. What lies at the heart of this complacency and unwillingness to change? You must build up your own sense of self-worth to generate confidence and strength so that you can unbind yourself and find greater support from within.


Self-imposed limitations.

Bondage through fear.

Projections that impair judgment.


Lack of self-awareness.

Dependency. Manipulation.

The pursuit of material pleasures.

4 of Pentacles

Productivity; material security.

Owning your own personal power, energy, or vitality.

Clinging tightly to something or someone; if done excessively, this will prevent further growth.

Giving structure to an established situation. Feeling protected or grounded in the current situation.

Safeguarding your current holdings will prevent further incentive and result in stagnation.

Selfishness, greed, or possessiveness. Control issues.


Wheel of Fortune (9 of Wands)

Problems are opportunities because they invite you to confront both your weakness and strengths. Have you ever noticed how the biggest challenges in your life have yielded the biggest personal success’? Just like an acorn has within in the plans to grow a magnificent oak tree, so do you have the plans to grow a strong, capable human. Your set of problems are unique to you because they provide the pressure to grow beyond the confines of your shell. A familiar issue arises this month and although your reaction may be to defend yourself, you might want to reconsider the pattern that led to it. Whether you’re aware or not, there’s something you’re doing that continues to attract this issue. Repeated challenges indicate that you’re not learning the lesson. See through the surface of this problem and figure out where it stems from. It’s likely that you already have the resources and strengths to deal with this once and for all.

Wheel of Fortune

A new phase in life. Cycles of growth.

A goal has been set in motion.

Opportunity for success.

9 of Wands

Master of Will; concentration of strength.

Wisdom and discipline from past experiences will help you in the face of any challenge. Defensive measures cause avoidance and inability to change the situation.

Readjust your position and let go of past defeats.

Self-determination will help you persist in the face of any setbacks.

Movement too much in one direction prevents creative problem-solving.

Meeting external challenges with internal composure.


The Fool (King of Cups)

It can be easy to get carried away in matters of the heart. So powerful are the initial feelings that you can’t help the grand gestures. There is an interesting mixture of naivete and maturity at play when it comes to the heart. It takes a giant leap of faith to live open-heartedly and experience love, but also a maturity of your own emotions to fully understand the necessity and power of the vulnerability required to bring about such a profound connection. This month you will find yourself eager to take a leap of faith for someone or possibly even something special. As a born giver with boundless generosity, it might be time to step into a receiving role. Through composure and control, you offer someone else the opportunity to shower you with affection and attention.


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

Letting go of expectations and jumping into the unknown.

Guided by instinct, not logic.

King of Cups

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Person who seeks to form relationships or to help others in some way.

Compassionate and empathetic to others, yet uneasy about one’s own feelings or personal life. Master of emotions who is able to change moods at will.

Forming relationships where one remains in control so they do not get hurt again.

Action based on intuition or deeply rooted feelings.

If the King stands for a situation, it is the intention of feelings that lead to changes in the environment.


Tower (4 of Cups)


Sudden influences or changes that will enable new opportunities to emerge.

The truth revealed through crisis.

Dismantling of ego constructs.

Dramatic changes in store.

4 of Cups

Doldrums; something taken for granted.

Discontent with what you have may cause brooding or imaginary worries.

Seeing only your point of view; you may need to re-assess your position.

Emotional dissatisfaction for no apparent reason, other than unreal expectations.

Feelings of apathy or resentment Turn within for answers.


The Chariot (2 of Wands)

An idea, project, or goal has surfaced with loads of potential, and you want it! But there’s an internal struggle kicking up in its wake. Maybe you and a close co-worker are after the same promotion. Perhaps your success will make your friends sick with envy. Whatever the circumstances, you can’t help but consider both sides of the situation. However, it’s not always possible to make everyone happy. Sometimes you just need to make a decision in order to move forward. Yes, it may impact people in an unfavorable manner, but if you don’t make this decision, how will impact you? It’s time to take the reigns, pull in your strength of character, and go for it! Confidence and conviction are necessary at times for growth.


Willpower and courage to confront self-made dilemmas.

Self- control and moral discipline.

Ego – individuality.

Energy to surmount obstacles. Attainment.

2 of Wands

Formulation of an idea. Contemplating new ideas.

Taking a risk and acting courageously while pursuing a vision.

Success depends on the daringness to take up new ideas with both hands and have faith in the unknown.

Ability to make choices and stand by them.


The Magician (Queen of Pentacles)

An aspiration or vision you’ve been waiting to initiate is ready for you to take the first step. You’ve spent time and energy planning, gathering data, generating an action plan, etc. You’ve planted your seeds, you’ve watered, you’ve waited, you’ve been patient. This month, whatever you’ve been working on, it’s time to move into action. Your idea or project is ready to come to life and you have everything you need to make that happen. Lean into trust as you take your first steps. It is highly unlikely that a stone was left unturned.


Using personal skills and talents to create a desired result.

Initiating new goals and endeavors.


Self-awareness, and focus on personal growth.

Queen of Pentacles

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Connected with sensuality of the body and what is needed to preserve and nurture it.

Sustaining and conserving energy and material resources, particularly by making good use of practical talents or creativity.

Accepting responsibility and being fair in business while giving help of a practical nature. Dependence, possessiveness, resistance to change, lazy, and territorial.

If the Queen relates to a situation, it is stable and connected to values.


Temperance (2 of Cups)

Put your devotion into motion, be an expression of your talents, give the very things you wish to receive. This is a magical month for you, despite a few remaining bruises from the last few, you are on the path to harmony. An important relationship which may have initially knocked you off kilter, has you feeling pretty good now. You needed a little jostling to get your attention. Now, as you tend to matters of the heart, you do it from a more balanced place. Your creative endeavors, romantic pursuits, and spiritual goals are within your reach. Seize your moment to fully engage yourself. No need to hold back because of caution, pride or suspicion. Let that special person know how you really feel, let the world know what you’re good at, put yourself out there. Those who’ve been mending a broken heart, it’s mended and now time for you to open to the possibility of new love. Be this a person or a pursuit, you are favored by stars and expected to shine.


Creating a balance through opposites.

Finding the middle ground.

Moderation. Compromise.

Blending of forces.

Emotional consideration.

Two of Cups

Beginning of relationship or a reconciliation of opposites.

A love affair, partnership, or encounter that provokes deep emotions.

Inner peace. Finding balance within a relationship.

The mirroring of your emotions through that of another.

Opening up to others through compassionate response. Feeling great affinity towards another.


Strength (9 of Cups)

We all have parts of ourselves we don’t fully understand and which we may even reject or feel shame around. Anger, jealousy, weakness, and vulnerability can fall among these. We are constantly in a state of evaluating and refining. This month you’ll come face to face with some aspect of yourself that triggers an active element of fear within. When this moment comes, and you’ll know it, take a deep breath and try to remember these aspects of yourself are not meant to be eradicated, but instead nurtured, understood, and eventually called upon at the right moments. Moving from a place of self-criticism to self-acceptance leads to divine connection. You will be stronger for it and find fulfillment in this deep emotional state of knowing.


Calm determination needed to endure any circumstance.

Self-imposed or social restrictions that inhibit pure energy.

Overreacting out of fear.

9 of Cups

Wish card.

Overindulgence or hedonism.

Emotional stability, fulfillment, and happiness.

Avoiding worries and problems by concentrating on the simple pleasures.

Manifesting what the imagination has visualized.

Doing what you love and feeling satisfied with the process.

Wishful thinking leads to blinding idealism.


Hierophant (6 of Wands)

Your amazing mind is a storehouse of wisdom and collective knowledge. You have unparalleled foresight and insight into the human condition and worldly trends; however, when you’re not honest with yourself, your gift is limited. Your tendency to seek attention is out of whack – what’s that I mean, you’re probably wondering. You say you don’t want it, you find ways to avoid it, or you deflect when you receive it. Then, you’re resentful when you don’t get it. Why not just admit it? You want the respect and recognition you deserve, which doesn’t make you arrogant or boastful, it’s honest. You like being recognized as a specialist, an advisor, a teacher, even an iconoclast. Your strong principles and provocative judgments make people think. You will stand out this month as you express views on something you’re passionate about. Share your information from a position of confidence and you will receive just the amount of recognition you want.


Seeking answers through traditions and social structures, religion, and philosophy.

Higher learning.

Professional assistance.

Asking the questions that lead to revelations.

6 of Wands


Receiving acknowledgment and validation for past efforts; a moment of glory.

Fulfillment of hopes and wishes; victory is assured.

Great satisfaction in a career. Confidence that you are on the right path.

Acclaim from others because of success in some area of life.

Possible promotion or prize from creative enterprise.

Success here ignites your passion to continue seeking achievement.


Empress (2 of Swords)

Pain and pleasure, responsibility and freedom, nature and nurture, love and hate you get the picture? One cannot exist without the other and both sides of anything hold the absence and promise of the other. Why reduce yourself to such small definitions when within you exists the entire universe. If you can accept your strengths then why not your weaknesses. Don’t focus on what’s not good enough, commit to making it better or learning how to love it as it is. You’re full of compassion for others so you must also have it for yourself, darling. Take off the blindfold and see your stunning beauty. You’ve been on the fence about something recently, pretending to weigh out the pros and cons. But we know that you’ve really been trying to muster the courage to just go for it. Put your needs first this month and tend to all those postponed desires. What you nurture in yourself, allows you to grow in the world. Abundance is an attitude.


Growth and abundance are available when the cycles of life are accepted.

Maternal and creative principle.

Patience and support are necessary.

Security and consistency.

2 of Swords

Beginning of analysis or the need to face an unpleasant reality of the situation.

An attempt to gain mental balance and peace of mind.

A truce to a previous conflict is established.

Polarized thinking; mine/yours, this/that, good/bad.

Avoiding the real issue by hiding behind the status quo. Clarification of something previously controversial or contradictory. Blocked emotions.