Core Numbers & Formulas

A numerology chart is a collection of many numbers – all of which correlate to particular aspects of your personality, the specific cycles throughout your life, and the opportunities/challenges you are working with.

There are a core set of 7 numbers that, in my opinion, portray the essence of who you are. This does not discount the nuances suggested in the other numbers that can also offer brushstrokes of detail.

The Core Numbers and their Formulas are as follows:

The Life Path Number is derived by adding all the digits of your full birthday (remember to reduce the final digit). This is the central focus or lesson to your life. It depicts your childhood environment, and the path you will continue to walk on. It points to the opportunities and challenges you will encounter along the way.

The Birth Day Number is the day you were born on. It represents your stand out traits and attitude toward the opportunities and challenges in your Life Path.

The Expression Number is derived by adding the value of your full name at birth. What first appeared on your birth certificate (Refer to Letter / Number chart). This represents your purpose and mission in life. What you make out of the challenges and opportunities. It highlights your inner resources.

The Heart’s Desire Number is derived by adding the value from the vowels in your full name. This represents your inner self, your motivations, values, and dreams. It is the private more tender side of you.

The Personality Number is derived by adding the value from the consonants in your full name. This represents your public face. It is the first impression you make and describes your mannerisms and habits.

The First Name Number is derived by adding the value of all the letters in your first name. This represents your identity or persona. It is how you would describe your personality and how you behave in relation to others. It illustrates your most comfortable means of expression.