Adrienne’s Tarot Forecast

August 2017 Tarot Forecast

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.

major-9-small.jpgAriesHermit (Ace of Wands)

Inspiration is like a drug, it alters the perception of reality by making you believe anything is possible. It excites the mind into seeing connections and solutions where before there was just space. People seek inspiration sometimes at the cost of sanity. Consider the crazy pursuits just to manufacture an ounce of inspiration. When all the while, the mysterious force lies quietly beneath the agitated mind, just waiting for enough space to burst forward. Surely there are many ways to generate this, but none more powerful than the internal gaze. Sunsets, music, love, art are all catalysts for a process that remains personal. You want to feel passionate, alive, motivated, inspired, then take the time to be alone with your own thoughts, senses, emotions. You are a mysterious universe all on your own. Be patient with yourself long enough to be mesmerized by your Self.
major-11-small.jpgTaurusJustice (Ace of Pentacles)

Sometimes the simplest answers are right in front of your eyes. It’s like when you go looking for something in the kitchen cabinet and can’t find it then someone else comes along and points to it immediately. You’re naturally a rational person, but you also seek comfort which confounds your ability to make rational decisions about things that will make you feel uncomfortable. Weighing the pros and cons is a smart way to make decisions, preparing for the what can go wrong is also a great asset; however, too much analysis and worry leads to an eventual state of disorder. In other words, you can’t protect yourself by doing nothing – not deciding is still deciding. You know what you need to do, and while the answer is simple, it’s not easy. This new beginning is going to require some organizing and reordering of priorities. But guess what……you’re a natural at that! Do what needs to be done and the rest will fall in line. Those on the brink of making a big purchase, go for it.
major-12-small.jpgGeminiHanged Man (4 of Swords)

Your brilliantly active mind is creative and curious most of the time, which can lead to either progress through deep thinking or scatteredness. It might seem like you’ve always got a lot going on, but do you? You can tell yourself that you’re too busy for this and that, but perhaps you just haven’t learned how to manage your mind. Is your external busyness a manifestation of your internal state? A general sense of fatigue will creep up on you if you don’t take the time to truly relax. You’ve got to control the surface of your mind if you want to plummet its depths. This takes practice, of course and a large dose of discipline. Pay attention to the feeling of being ‘stuck’ this month because it’s a message to slow down and surrender. You’re not going to solve anything with an agitated mind. Be patient, reflective, curious and creative. You can’t possibly see anything different through the lens you’ve been using. A quiet mind is a powerful mind. Writers, put pen to paper and prepare to be amazed.
major-6-small.jpgCancerLovers (7 of Cups)

Love seeks, at first, to know itself through the eyes of another. As babe’s we gaze into our mother’s eyes, bonded through a feeling of specialness and connection. We experience the source of our being through her (or dad) and then continue to look for it in a beloved. Ideally, maturity bestows an ego and you come to know your own worth, then define that worth through self-love and validation. The euphoria might not be as intense, but it is enduring. Your desire to be loved is natural, and the feeling unparalleled, but if you become addicted to enchantment, you forfeit any real connection. Some love to love for the high it brings, never really seeing the person for anything other than an object. Others cherish romantic ideals too fantastic to ever fulfill. Somewhere in the middle, you become infatuated, disappointed, committed, then stable. Love is not based on something external, it’s an approach you take to a person because you choose to. Your fantasy will be challenged this month as a love affair you felt hot and heavy, cools to room temperature. Do you stay or do you go?
major-15-small.jpgLeoDevil (2 of Cups)

Relationships are screens for projecting our inner desires, expectations and values both conscious and unconscious. Consider how love and hate connect us, each compels us to feel something special for that other. Love is obvious but even hate singles out a part of an individual that is somehow triggering and thereby powerful. It magnifies this quality and you react with disgust, envy, rage, or fear. Love elevates a quality that attracts you through appeal, desire, and value. If you used the important relationships around you as a mirror, you’d illuminate unconscious aspects in yourself. Projection is the way you become aware of yourself. Notice what the more intense relationships are teaching you about you. Is there something you hate in another that you’re ashamed of in yourself. Is your moral, upstanding persona getting its secret desires met through some forbidden or illicit affair. We’ve all got a shadowy side to our personality that must become integrated if we are to become whole.
major-3-small.jpgVirgoEmpress (9 of Swords)

Worrying is an exaggerated form of thinking grounded in fears. What stats off as a thought or curiosity snowballs into an emotional avalanche leaving you powerless to your fears. It’s natural to feel some anxiety about the unknown but if you allow your mind to run off with every possible negative scenario, you quickly lose sight of the initial issue. This is a good time to ask for help from someone, either emotional support or practical advice. Your natural impulse to help everyone else can be lonely at times especially when you are the one in need of help. That’s the case this month. You’ve met your limit and need some nurturing. It’s likely that something on the home front or related to your extended family has you all twisted up inside. For those in care-taking positions, be sure you tend to your own self-care as burn out is on the horizon. Motherhood is a theme you will notice – be sure you ask for what you need rather than sacrifice or expect others to know. Slow down and take some time to sort through your problems. It’s likely that you’re holding onto a few that no longer apply. You don’t always have to fix everything. It’s okay to just be.
major-13-small.jpgLibraDeath (3 of Pentacles)

Closure is a necessary part of life. The art to this process entails a sort of acceptance and release. It’s not simply a forgetting or getting over, it’s a gradual move through, a mindful exploration and hopefully an evolution of spirit. Some area of your life has transformed or is in the process of, you’ve begun a new venture, started a new relationship or are ending one, moved homes or jobs, or perhaps lost something important to you. In any case, it’s wise to look forward, to acknowledge how this change can be both positive and difficult for you. There’s no stopping the momentum, so clinging to the past or trying to revive what’s dead, will only cause suffering and bring about unnecessary inconveniences. This can be an extremely productive time if you use the energy of change to move you through whatever lingering fears remain. Honor what has come to pass, make amends if necessary, ask for support if you need it, just don’t look back. Those involved in business deals with others, your negotiations will be more fruitful if you’re willing to cut out dead weight. In the next few months, what you learn about yourself through this process will amaze you. You’re more capable then you realized.
major-2-small.jpgScorpioHigh Priestess (7 of Swords)

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive.” This quote sums up the theme for this month. Honesty is relative, whether you tell yourself otherwise. Similarly, truth is multifaceted because not everything can be reduced to a simple yes or no, this or that. There is a very grey and nuanced area, an area in your psyche that sometimes you might not even be aware of. For example, how often do you only tell a version of something to ensure the kind of response you want? You may also evade or avoid something, indulge in vices you know aren’t good for you, hold or tell secrets, cheat on your taxes, lie or omit details. We all do it, we just don’t all admit it. You’ll be faced with the consequences of this either through something you did or someone close to you. Think twice before you react to anything. This is not a good time deny once you’ve been caught nor is it good to persecute anyone else too terribly. It is, however, a good time to trust your instincts about a situation you feel is suspicious. Something will be revealed that you’re going to have to decide, so it’s best to be as direct as possible.
major-16-small.jpgSagittariusTower (Queen of Pentacles)

Security at its most basic form includes food, shelter and safety. Secondary security usually describes how we get these basic needs met; for example, a house, money or a job, a relationship or a community. How each person defines security varies a bit; however, the desire for stability is innate. Problems arise when what gives you security also causes anxiety and fears. You may cling to something even when you know it’s destructive or you may avoid something (out of fear) even when it promises freedom. The intricate dance is to know when to hold and know when to fold. A presumed area of security has expired and whether you like it or not, big changes are on the horizon. Your basic needs will not be threatened through this but your emotional security will. This experience offers a lesson in self-care. You are being forced to grow and show what you know. All those other life lessons need to be applied now. You really are equipped to deal with whatever chaos comes your way. Don’t shy away from discomfort or you’ll pay double.
major-17-small.jpgCapricornStar (2 of Pentacles)

All work and no play, makes for stress, monotony and frustration. Ever noticed how even something you once loved becomes tedious when you’re used to doing it? You lose that spark of excitement, curiosity, the thrill of the unknown becomes routine. Relationships are not immune to this indifference either. You may take for granted the one thing that used to excite the heck out of you. Some of you may have learned that the secret to longevity is not about the person, place or thing, it’s about how to tend to it. How you approach something shapes most of the experience. Attitude and expectations are powerful tools – use them wisely. Even the smallest variance can cause a rippling effect that can alter your view, and then your day, and perhaps even your life. Make small changes this month: drive a different route, eat something new, take a class, paint a picture. Your life is only as meaningful as you are willing to make it. Less complaining, more playing. Your health will thank you in the long run.
major-0-small.jpgAquariusFool (Page of Wands)

Surprise you’re………By the end of the month you’ll have more than a few words to complete this sentence. A message is coming your way that will alter the course to some area of your life. Whether this is seemingly positive or negative is only your immediate reaction. What you think about it is not as important as how you deal with it. Change, shock, and surprise always present opportunities to expand your vision of the world and your place in it. You free spirits: here’s your chance to take that leap of faith and go for it. You wannabe free spirits: here’s your chance to live into what you wish you could be. You might never know what you’re capable of until you have no other option then to just do it. Loosen your grip and get ready for an adventure. What begins this month has enduring consequences so, there’s no point in trying to stop the flow. The show must go on.
major-5-small.jpgPiscesHierophant (6 of Pentacles)

Words can be meaningless when they are not backed up by action. It’s so easy to profess and believe in goodwill, tolerance, love, and generosity, and while it might feel good internally, it’s hypocritical when you don’t behave according to those precious morals. Let your actions speak for you or at least notice what your behavior says about who you really are. Do you preach honesty, then justify half-truths and omissions; do claim to be tolerant, then secretly judge people unlike yourself; do you value generosity and then cling to your possessions. You’re not alone, I assure you. Being a good human being is a goal most strive for in theory, yet fall short in deed, and not because humans are evil – just selfish or even worse, self-righteous. Your good deeds will not go unnoticed this month nor should others. Be gracious and kind, point out the goodness in others, listen instead of talking, give rather than take. Goodness is a condition we must actively choose and tend to even when we don’t feel like it.