Adrienne’s Tarot Forecast

October 2017 Tarot Forecast

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.

major-13-small.jpgAriesDeath (Knight of Wands)

Where one door closes another is said to open; but, if you’re too busy lamenting the loss, you’ll never see the adventure that awaits you. Moving on is a verb, it requires action on your part. Changes are inevitable and can be as exciting as a rollercoaster. The ups and downs, while part of the ride, can also make you sick sometimes. Just hang on, it’ll slow down eventually. Whether intentionally or out of frustration, you’ve invited a break from the normal routine. Where you were feeling trapped and restless, frustrated and bored, you asked for this, or better yet, you might have provoked it through some dramatic disruption. For some this might involve the end of a job or relationship, a sudden leave of absence or loss of belongings. For others, you might engage in a passionate love affair, a risky situation or a daring venture. For all, the transformation has begun and it will be swift. No time for blame and shame, the adventure has begun and you need to be responsive and aware of your surroundings. Those who’ve been on hiatus, welcome back. Hopefully your energy’s renewed and ready to go.

major-8-small.jpgTaurusStrength (3 of Wands)

Passion is like a wild beast, searching for a meal or a mate. It has the power to create and destroy. Many people are addicted to the intensity that flows from this unbridled force. Some use love to kindle the internal fire, others use art to incite the creative flow. Both seeking an outlet to contain their own surging energy. Passion is a form of agitation, it’s not meant to be a lasting state, you can’t maintain this heightened emotion for too long or you’ll explode. It needs to be focused, trained, soothed into submission, which is not to say repressed, rather, purposeful and direct. This month, you’ll need to call upon the power of this energy either to confront a conflict or express your needs. Your charisma is contagious so be sure your speaking from a place of honesty. Self- promotion is also highly supported now. If you’ve been putting off marketing yourself or your business, get on it. Lastly, a dwindling love affair could use a dose of excitement. Don’t blame the other for lack of passion, get creative and build a fire together.

major-6-small.jpgGeminiLovers (2 of Wands)

Saying yes to something or someone means saying no to the other. Choices often involve sacrifice or at least postponements. What you’re willing to sacrifice or delay is up to you, and ultimately reflects what you value. If you choose work over leisure or vice versa, ask yourself what it is you value that motivates the decision. If you look closely enough, you’ll find a relationship – healthy or dysfunctional – of contradictions. Is responsibility prized over freedom because you fear too much autonomy. Do you save your money then spend it frivolously? Are you in a committed relationship only to curb your sexual desires, do you conform to societal norms while restraining the impulse to speak frankly? The superficial reason you choose what you do usually has a more interestingly and sincere purpose, if you dig deeper. You’ll be called to evaluate the consequences of recent decision making. Rather than offer some shallow excuse, or avoid the issue all together, admit your real motivation and learn something valuable about yourself. Those involved in a casual relationship, it’s time to take it to the next level or hit the road.

major-10-small.jpgCancerWheel of Fortune (10 of Pentacles)

Life is a collection of repetitious patterns. Seasons display similar qualities, science explains the nature of reality based on observable patterns, astrology forecasts upcoming themes based on the rotation of the planets and people find security in the predictable. History is the story of these patterns, from which tradition and culture are born. Families have individual narratives that reach through generations. Not only do you inherit your parent’s physical genes, you also inherit their soul genetics. Your life is an extension of theirs and their parents before them, and so on. You are destined to play out particular stories with shifting plots and different characters, yet your purpose (as some would call it) is to move this story on. You’ll notice a theme this month and rather than try to avoid it, change the pattern. Whatever you resist, persists. If not in your generation, then your child’s. Breaking a pattern, simply means engaging in differently. You don’t have to suffer the same fate as your predecessors, but you do have to live through it – evolve it. You’ll receive an inheritance this month – perhaps tangible – be sure that you use it wisely. Family holds the key to your personal freedom.

major-2-small.jpgLeoHigh Priestess (Ace of Swords)

Original ideas have their roots in a collective past – the collective unconscious – which is to say, the idea isn’t all that original but what it produces is. We can also apply this to self-awareness or those big ah-ha moments when suddenly something you’ve known rings true much louder than before. You know yourself inside and out, yet there is a thin veil between your conscious believing and soulful knowing that must be accessed through various methods and cathartic experiences. Consider how much you ‘learn’ about yourself after suffering a major crisis, or falling in love, committing to a spiritual practice or going to therapy. Insights that make an impact must resonate with something familiar or you won’t believe them. Unless the right conditions, like maturity, openness, and curiosity are available, even the wisest of counsel will fall on deaf ears. Remember what your parents and teachers taught you that didn’t make sense at the time? An epiphany this month strikes through your awareness, stoking a chain of effects that will at first be disorienting and uncomfortable. You asked to know the truth about something, so here it comes. Don’t squander what insight emerges, even if it means losing something or someone you’re attached to.

major-1-small.jpgVirgoMagician (Ace of Swords)

Not making a decision, is still making a decision. All the procrastination in the world will not release you from the responsibility of deciding your future. Too much analysis has led to a form of paralysis which is costing you confidence and motivation. Stop focusing on making the ‘right’ decision and just act. There are important matters that require your attention, and if you are unwilling to commit yourself, you have no one to blame when things go awry. You are also past the point of anything changing on its own. You’ve seen the signs, received the validation, double and triple checked your information, now act! There is an amazing opportunity this month to excel in area of interest. You’re qualified, talented and ready to take this to the next level. For those less reserved souls, the project you’ve been patiently waiting to begin, comes swiftly and involves another element. Expand your budget a little to make space for this. It’ll likely require a tad more effort on your part but in the end, will be well worth it. Your creativity will shine as you assert your power of confidence.

major-14-small.jpgLibraTemperance (3 of Pentacles)

The ubiquitous lesson of balance is no stranger to you. You have an innate talent to bridge the chasm between contrast. Diplomatically, you can appease the most hostile disputes simply by complementing what appears disparaging. You bring grace to shame and harmony to chaos. Right? Well, at least that’s what you’re supposed to do. Lessons involve tests and tasks before reaching proficiency. This month you’ll be required to apply what you know and develop skills in areas you’re less qualified. You’ll find yourself playing the mediator amoungst others, your knowledge will be challenged and your patience tested. Do not cling to absolutes nor side with authorities out of fear. Trust your own careful observation and ability to ask key questions. It is likely you will engage others in finding solutions rather than depending on you. This process is meant to be dynamic so don’t shy away from all the moving parts. Balance is not stillness, it’s a constant adjustment of energies. This can be an extremely creative period if you diligently refine your skills.

major-18-small.jpgScorpioMoon (10 of Wands)

Einstein has been attributed with saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Since most of us are creatures of habit, we must all be insane as well. It’s fair to accuse the limitations of reasoning for fooling us into believing we can solve our way out of problems. However, Einstein also declared that “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” That said, your problems, while troubling and inconvenient, might be nothing more than a riddle you’ve yet to find the answer to. Confusion in this case could actually help you see the situation differently, releasing your stubborn mindset into finding more creative ways of looking at the problem. For some, this will be less complicated because you (your actions) are a big part of the problem. For others though, you’ll be the victim of some seemingly senseless and unfair wrongdoing that will be much harder for you to resolve. It is through these trying times that reciting the serenity prayer can help: “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

major-17-small.jpgSagittariusStar (2 of Cups)

Faith is like the wind, although you cannot see it, you feel its effects. You may even see how it moves objects around you, hear how it moves through space, smell how it enhances the surrounding fragrances. All the while, its invisible force remains a mystery. Unlike the wind, faith can be conjured up simply by focusing, believing in something greater than yourself. It’s more than a mental practice however, it envelops the heart – the emotional mind – and engages the soul. Perhaps love can be described similarly; love, in its many varieties is also an enigma. It stirs something deep within, yet obscures any real evidence of its existence. How do you know you love someone or that you don’t? Before you go counting the ways, consider that if there was no object to love, could you still experience it. Perhaps god can be described similarly; god, in its many varieties is the ultimate paradox. Faith invites our curiosity to commit through love; love persuades us to surrender to the greatest mystery of all. Take time this month to deeply connect with those you love. It may be the very thing that restores your faith in love and life. The god-ness in you is reflected in the god-ness of others.

major-19-small.jpgCapricornSun (3 of Cups)

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Is there a celebration coming up? If not formally, might be a good time to throw one, all the same. Happiness and joy are internal conditions that bring about a recognition of all that is good in the world. Even when what is great, doesn’t feel so good. While life is plagued by a variety of problems, those problems are yours. Yours to accept and yours to deal with. Success is not about eradicating problems as it is learning to live with and deal with what is. Your self-esteem is grounded in doing estimable acts, confidence comes from feeling sure of yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than your smile. Be grateful. An attitude of gratitude is your strongest resource. Allow yourself to receive love, praise and attention this month. You’ve earned it and deserve to bask in the glory of your success. Those who have difficulty recognizing your own sparkle, ask someone what they love most about you. Wedding bells, crying babies and applause are also in the cards this month.

major-11-small.jpgAquariusJustice (Page of Swords)

What’s right and wrong begin as constructs passed down by your parents, also promoted by your peers, teachers and other early authority figures. You adopt these rules of conduct before you have an opinion on the matter. You even develop emotional responses to them like guilt, shame, pride, confidence. You make decisions based upon right and wrong, you judge others, you view the world at large through your own concepts of an established set of morals. But then that little nagging internal voice questions you, beckons you to rebel, entices you to break your own rules. What do you do? Maybe you dig your heels in deeper and cling to what you know or maybe you dig deeper and ask yourself why something is right or wrong. While there might be some ethical no-no’s, most everything else exists somewhere in between. Your code of ethics is a personal choice and a reflection of your character. This month you’ll be exercising this right in a meaningful way. Live up to your own standards of truth even if it means bearing the weight of judgment from others. Don’t allow guilt to persuade you into following someone else’s moral code or you’ll rebel in another way.

major-15-small.jpgPiscesDevil (7 of Cups)

What’s holding you back from success is how you view it. You’re either overly focused on the tangible rewards, the exalted status, the promise of an elusive happiness, or you’ve completely avoided the fact that any of that matter to you. Success, while relative must also be defined, to at least reflect the values you hold sacred. You’ve been spinning your wheels trapped in the someday syndrome: “someday, I’ll….. or once I have ¬¬__ I’ll be….” Don’t commit yourself to an illusion. Be honest about what motivates you. If money motivates you, fine, but ask yourself why. Does it make you feel safe, popular, powerful. Equally so, are you denying your desire for money because it makes you feel greedy, shallow, worried. Success is never really about what you have, it’s about who you become. What you create in the world begins with what you’ve created internally. On another note, don’t over promise anything this month or it will come back to haunt you.