Adrienne’s Tarot Forecast

May 2017 Tarot Forecast

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.

major-21-small.jpgAriesWorld (10 of Cups)

Happiness is a form of freedom earned through the practice of seeing the best in everything and everyone. This isn’t a superficial attempt at optimism but a deep reverence in the process of life. Naturally there are struggles and lots of ugliness, yet when you focus your attention on seeing the bigger picture, every experience contains within it the option of freedom. Life is a dance of duality, a mirroring of opposites, a puzzle of confusing pieces. Dance wildly, respect that everything has its place and find the magic in every moment. Peace of mind leads to happiness of heart. You deserve this. Your life is progressing perfectly on course and this month you’ll be blessed with an inner sense of ease, even if the outer world is turbulent. Sound too good to be true? Well then, maybe for you it is. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, I’m sure you can afford a moment to celebrate your life. By the way, those trying to expand your family, congratulations.
major-2-small.jpgTaurusHigh Priestess (4 of Pentacles)

You may need to shift your perspective from relying too heavily on your logical mind to trusting your intuitive and physical sensations. All is not as it appears, and in your quest to ‘figure it out’ you may miss something of greater value. Be patient with the unfolding of events. The outcome you seek is not ready. You will encounter an opportunity disguised as a problem this month. Trust your gut and don’t overreact. The process will take the tone you set – go slowly. Begin by detaching from your worries so that you can realign with your inner knowing. The answers will be revealed in the most unusual ways. This is not a good time for any extravagant purchases. You may also want to take caution around loans or other financial documents. If you receive some bad news, get a second opinion. For those inclined toward the intuitive arts, this is a great time to take a class or begin practicing on others. Your intuition can be put to great use.
major-12-small.jpgGeminiHanged Man (9 of Swords)

Powerlessness is something everyone experiences at some time or another; typically, it generates fear causes a lot of stress and changes the way you view reality. Most often this feeling is provoked by an event and consequently, your response influences the outcome for better or worse. When you feel most immobilized or paralyzed by your fears, you in turn doubt any chance for change, thus perpetuating the situation and uncomfortable feelings. Your fears forbid change when you concentrate on them. Don’t let what you can’t do stand in the way of what you can. Sometimes the best way to empower yourself is to surrender to the situation. By surrendering, you allow the natural flow of events to lead you, to teach you and to humble you. The more trapped you feel, the less you should to think. Remind yourself each day to learn from your worries. Stay present with what is and simply observe.
major-17-small.jpgCancerStar (3 of Swords)

Your faith will be tested in a rather convoluted way as something or someone you least expect will betray you. On the surface, there is sorrow and frustration, but if you look deeper, you’ll find a glimmer of hope. Hope is not capricious, it’s purposeful and must be nurtured. Your desire for a more meaningful life requires you to sacrifice areas of established security. That includes relationships and long held fantasies. Letting go allows you space to receive what you least expect. Hope is the light in your darkness. Now, whether you’re ready or not, those sacrifices are being made for you. The beginning of the month ushers in the first of three tests. Don’t spend too much time worrying about what is lost. Keep an open mind and listen to your heart. While pain might not be an option, suffering is.
major-7-small.jpgLeoChariot (Page of Pentacles)

As children we expect to get our own way simply because we should; however, with maturity we learn that there are other competing factors to contend with. As you develop self-control and a respect for boundaries, you realize that accomplishing your goals is far more contingent on your behavior than a luck of the draw. Your emotions, while important, must be controlled if you are to make conscious decisions. So too, when you align your mind and your heart with a goal, you can surmount any challenge that stands in the way. You learn that success is not based on getting what you want but being who you want. Be deliberate this month, not reactive! Don’t allow your pride to control your actions. When you encounter a power struggle, let it bring put the best in you.
major-14-small.jpgVirgoTemperance (10 of Pentacles)

If it’s possible not to have enough, then it must also be possible to have too much. Isn’t it interesting how suffering from the fear of less is more frequent than the fear of too much? It has become an accepted practice to overindulge in pleasure, consume what is unneeded and collect stuff as a symbol of success. Yet this isn’t fulfilling, it’s a temporary fix to an insatiable desire, a banal existence masquerading behind hedonism. There is no end to this, there is only imbalance. Notice how this affects your life. Do you value money at the expense of time? Do you engage in shallow relationships only to amplify your loneliness? Imagine how you could harmonize your experiences and your desires to garner true fulfillment. Perhaps by letting go of excess, you can create space for depth. As you seek to restore an equilibrium to your life, you will find that purpose is not what you have but who you are and how you express this. Life, like alchemy, is a process of mixing and blending. The key, however is moderation.
major-3-small.jpgLibraEmpress (King of Swords)

Nurturing others and being of service are some of your natural characteristics, so are judgment and precision. You are both sensitive and intelligent, receptive and active, emotional and analytical. This combination has its problems when you lean in favor of one over the other. There is perfect balance that you must continuously work to create. If you do for others, you need to allow others to do for you. When you analyze your feelings (for the hundredth time), you need to remember to evaluate your body’s wisdom as well. Practice paying attention to the sensations you feel just as much as the thoughts you think. Use your gifts to make connections not distinctions. There is more beauty than you can possibly imagine within your entire body. You are a walking wonder. Honor this magic by giving expression to your all of your ‘beingness.’ When you are at peace with yourself, you can be at peace with others.
major-8-small.jpgScorpioStrength (3 of Cups)

Resilience is one your greatest resources because in the face of any upset you’re able to find shelter within. As you encounter a familiar obstacle this month, keep in mind that nothing or no one can make you feel anything you don’t consent to. Your emotional reaction comes from within your own well of feelings. Don’t blame others for your feelings no matter how involved they appear to be. During times of intense emotional experience’s, you must not disregard your feelings as trivial or attach to them as facts. There is always a root to something deeper within. This month a passionate infatuation will captivate you. Rather than falling for the object, use the passion to ignite an area of your life that has been ignored. This is a good time to rekindle an old hobby, participate in a cause or fall in love with yourself all over again.
major-6-small.jpgSagittariusLovers (2 of Wands)

A new relationship with a person or situation offers fresh possibilities. Your life’s direction is about to change, and you’ll be faced with choices that will take you outside of your comfort zone. Consider the effect your decision will have on those closest to you. Letting feelings of passion or security influence you too much, may impede your ability to see this clearly. Examine what your motives say about your values and be honest about who you are. It’s not what you do that defines you, but rather why you do it. Sometimes even so-called bad decisions are catalysts to unexplored territories. Those in a love affair, get ready for a deep conversation. You could be faced with a tough decision so remember to be true to your highest self.
major-18-small.jpgCapricornMoon (5 of Pentacles)

Money is a symbol of value, a currency of worth and an often an object of obsession. When used as a measurement of personal value it tends to obscure the importance of internal resources. The concept of wealth and poverty should not be based on what or how much you have because everything in the physical world is temporary. In a society that profits from your insecurity, why give your power to a concept that doesn’t pertain to the priceless resources within. Value is subjective. You’re not your house, your car, your money or even your body for that matter. Why limit yourself to anything impermanent? Although you may be experiencing a rough patch in the material world, this shouldn’t prevent you from feeling secure about who you are. Trust your internal resources and know the importance of who you are. Don’t sell yourself short.
major-9-small.jpgAquariusHermit (3 of Wands)

Time alone can often be the best remedy for recovery. Within the silence of solitude, you can clearly hear the wisdom of your inner voice even if it’s drowned out by your worries. Feelings of emptiness, confusion and fear often provoke a search for deeper meaning. Don’t discount what’s uncomfortable. If you can tolerate the discomfort, you have the opportunity for real personal growth because nothing remains unchanged. Wisdom is sometimes as simple as seeing something you’ve looked at a million times, differently. However, you must let go of expectations and entitlements. No one ever promised that life would be without suffering yet it is possible to transform that suffering into purpose. Magic is abounding. Allow yourself to wander off the beaten path and discover something intriguing. Life is a beautiful mystery. Slow down and enjoy the adventure.
major-1-small.jpgPiscesMagician (Queen of Swords)

Pain isn’t a choice but suffering is; the mental anguish you experience is proportionate to the resistance of accepting what’s occurred. In other words, feel your feelings but don’t wallow in self-pity. If you believe that the world’s happening to you, you lose the capacity to initiate change, and as a result feel powerless. But, when you respond to challenges through the spiritual force of your resources, not only do you have more of an effect on your reality, you also gain more confidence in yourself. Why let something out there rob you of what you have inside. Equanimity is the spiritual resource you need to practice this month. Do not be victimized by mental negativity (your own included). Detach and you will either see how to solve the dilemma or how to accept it and move on.