Adrienne’s Tarot Forecast

2017 Tarot Forecast

To forecast the coming month, I draw a Major and Minor Arcana card for each sign and offer you my insights.

major-5-small.jpgAriesHierophant (2 of Cups)

In a world full of connectivity, how connected do you really feel? When was the last time you spent as much energy involved in a face-to-face conversation as you do on a social network? How about instead of sending a quick happy birthday text or post you picked up the phone and called someone. Time and attention are the most valuable things we can offer another, and the best part is that they are mutually beneficial. Spending quality time with someone else increases your sense of positivity. Loneliness is one of the chief complaints nowadays and, yet you’re surrounded by people. Perhaps what’s missing is the quality part of spending time. Take the time this month to really listen, be present in your encounters, look into their eyes, think before you respond, ask people how they feel. Not to get all morbid but at the end of your life it’s probably not going to be what meme you forwarded or received that you remember, but the deep connections and meaningful conversations you had that matter most.

major-4-small.jpgTaurusEmperor (Knight of Wands)

Work is a part of life that can be as fulfilling as you make it. Everyone must work at something, for work is simply exerting energy in the direction of a goal. Trouble arises when your goals are not intentional, and your energy is scattered. Wishing is not a goal until there is a plan to bring it into fruition. Your recent restless energy is in need of a target because like a bored little child, it’s causing quite the raucous. Your ability to remain focused is competing with your overactive wanderings. It’s time to temper your dreams with a dose of realism. For personal goals, now is the time to do something, anything, just begin and adjust along the way. Professional goals however, need to be a little more strategic. Check out what preliminary steps are required, get some advice, and devise your plan. The world is your oyster.

major-1-small.jpgGeminiMagician (Ace of Wands)

You’re amazing! Repeat after me, “I am amazing, full of opportunity, creativity and spark!” If you don’t believe in yourself, others will find it hard to believe in you, too. You’ve got the energy this month to manifest your visions; it’s important to back that vision up with drive. No more holding back or waiting for the right time. The time is now. Seize every opportunity you find, say yes to invitations and remember that it’s not about ‘if’, it’s about ‘when.’ Your energy is contagious, so others will be watching you. It’s best to act from a place of authenticity. No need for pretending or performing, just be yourself – which is already a bit dramatic – that’s what others are attracted to. For those who are self-employed, this could be a big month for making important connections. Get out there and show off. Don’t underestimate coincidences either. You’re in the process of attracting what you need so pay attention to the signs. If you can play a role in drastically improving someone else’s life, do it. You’ll be rewarded tenfold.

major-20-small.jpgCancerJudgment (6 of Cups)

The journey through life has many interesting discoveries all of which are remembered through the lens of the observer. Photos serve to remind you of a visual, while diary entries recount the description of the event, yet somehow in the telling of the experience there is a curious mixture of past and present that has the power to elicit a deeply reflective response. The details of the story are never as important as the attitude telling it. Hopefully over time the stories you’ve shared have changed – because you’ve changed. Feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality arise this month; take time to feel the shift, notice how the story has changed (if at all), ask yourself how this story has defined you and if it is time to let it go. You are not what has happened to you, your destiny is unfolding through your view of the world and ultimately, you are what you chose to become. Choose consciously.

major-14-small.jpgLeoTemperance (Knight of Cups)

On your quest to discover beauty, love and pleasure, be sure to keep at least one foot on the ground. It’s easy to be captivated by splendor but not so easy to know when enough is enough. You’ll need to find the balance this month as you indulge, or be prepared to pay the consequence. Too much of anything isn’t good for you. Those prone to excessive behaviors like drinking, eating, spending, etc, you may need to replace unhealthy habits with better ones. An emotional encounter will tempt you to lose control. For some, this might be the catalyst you’ve needed. The rush of new energy can inspire creative pursuits. If you’ve been withholding though, there’s an explosion in your future. Repressing energy is equally as destructive. For those in a relationship, this is a perfect time to spice things up. Be romantic, court your spouse, honor the specialness of your relationship. You never know what could happen nine months from now.

major-7-small.jpgVirgoChariot (King of Wands)

It’s been declared that “where there’s a will there’s a way.” While this statement is revered as something to be proud of, consider for yourself whether this is working for you positively or negatively. Your will is an expression of personal power, colored by your opinion and motivated by the belief that you are right. It is also uncompromising and downright stubborn. What happens when your will meets another’s; a clash of titan egos. It might be better to back off some this month and gain composure over your reactions. If you engage in even the smallest battles, be prepared for a war to ensue. This is definitely a good time to take the high road and be the bigger person. Your biggest frustration will be that you’ll know you’re right; however, it’s still not justification to unleash. If you want to fight, go find a cause to support, play a sport or engage in some goof competition. Once your ego calms, you’ll be much happier you did.

major-0-small.jpgLibraFool (6 of Wands)

What you seek also seeks you. Keep this in mind while you feverishly pursue your goals. Success is measured by different instruments when you turn your gaze inward. Only you know the steps you’ve taken, the challenges you’ve surmounted and the sorrows you’ve endured. Why should anyone be responsible for validating your journey? For you, the greatest triumph is to remain true to your calling and never become so tame that you discount your free-spirited sense of adventure. This month your test will involve your sense of humor. While life is a serious matter, you don’t need to be. Find levity in your responses, see the irony in your challenges and share the humor that reminds humanity of its obvious folly. When possible, spend time playing, laughing, enjoying, and rejoicing. You need to replenish your soul and remember your bliss. Spontaneity honors the messages of your inner child. Have fun!

major-2-small.jpgScorpioHigh Priestess (Queen of Cups)

Your deep sensitivity may feel like it’s often your cross to bear. Where others can tread the surface, you sink to the depths and where others can forget, you memorize. There’s no point pretending, idealizing or escaping this reality because what you won’t face within you, you are destined to attract around you. It is of the highest importance to find peace with what you feel because what hurts you also has the power to heal you most. Emotions stir the soul, they keep you involved in your own internal process, and if you make the effort they connect you to the whole of humanity. When you come to know yourself so intimately, you know the secrets of others. Don’t shy away from your gift, heavy as it may sometimes feel, the path to light is often through the dark. This month a secret will be revealed. Let its mystery unfold without trying to solve it.

major-10-small.jpgSagittariusWheel of Fortune (2 of Pentacles)

Life is like a merry-go-round: sometimes fun and entertaining and other times, a dizzying experience of repetitive monotony. The ebb and flow of events is a reminder that despite the seeming randomness, there is a natural order to life. This is clearly illustrated in science, mathematics, astronomy and psychology. What goes around comes around is another popular idiom that illustrates this familiar principle; however, how often do you really stop and consider it? You’ve been investing in something that has gained traction and will finally start yielding results. The challenge is how to manage the changes that will ensue once this new project gets rolling. Don’t over commit yourself before you realize what you’ll be dealing with, and remember that there will be a lot of tedious details to tend to. You’ll need to delegate some of your current duties to maintain a reliable flow. Remember, if you’re stingy with resources on the front end, profits will be skimpy with you. Strategic risks are welcomed at this time. Spin the wheel and place your bets.

major-9-small.jpgCapricornHermit (Page of Wands)

That little nagging irritation has much deeper roots than you realize. Your feeling of restlessness, boredom or anxiety requires your attention this month. For some, the impulse to remain busy or active is a distraction. You’re avoiding yourself by not taking time to sit and listen. There is nowhere to be, no one that needs you and nothing to do more important than to just be with yourself. While a goal to figure out and fix what’s wrong is not the best approach, it is a start to recognizing that something within is vying for recognition. If you can tend to this, you may discover an important desire, an answer to a personal dilemma, or even a deep sense of peace hidden beneath all the activity. On the other hand, you may also realize that a nagging worry is a much bigger fear. In any case, spend some quality time in reflection this month. Seek not to fill your mind with fleeting pursuits, but rather be intentional about how and with whom you spend your time. There is something very sacred about coming home to yourself, restoring your peace and listening to your inner voice. Let that be what fascinates you this month.

major-3-small.jpgAquariusEmpress (7 of Cups)

Living one day at a time changes the experience of life. You’re naturally inclined to plan – and worry about– life’s every detail. Rather than getting stuck in the judgment of right or wrong, this or that give into the sheer mystery and adventure of living. Be spontaneous and indulge in the bounty that surrounds you. Feel like taking a moonlit stroll in the woods or on the beach, watching a sunset or sunrise, taking a cooking or astrology class, adopting an animal, asking someone out. Whatever your heart desires this month deserves attention and maybe even pursuit. Fantasies, dreams, and aspirations are the making of goals and the catalyst. You never know how one small alteration can change the course of your life. But for this to happen, you must listen to the language of your soul, which speaks and exists in present time. Keep telling yourself: “be here, now.”

major-21-small.jpgPiscesWorld (4 of Wands)

You’ve come a long way in the last year and deserve to be proud of all your efforts. Celebration is an important ritual to honor and practice because it marks the inconspicuous point between ending and beginning. What you accomplished might not be measurable or even obvious from the outside, yet you know that something internal has changed. As such, this is not a time to rest on your laurels for too long; for there is still much to attend to. You will be challenged to turn those lessons into action especially in relationships. Remember, just because you’ve changed doesn’t mean that others have too. A welcoming party might not be what you encounter so don’t regress simply because others aren’t validating you. Let this time be a launching ground to move you beyond your comfort zones. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you let go of pleasing others.