Tarot Classes 2017

Lunchtime Tarot


The tarot cards are a mysterious tool with great potential for helping you tap into your own intuition. Learning the meanings for 78 cards is a daunting task when you approach them individually. The description of the suit, coupled with the number on the card in the minor arcana is hard enough to remember let alone trying to put it all together in a reading.

The cards are meant to evoke your imagination, to speak subtly through symbols and images. Sometimes all you need is a good guide to prompt you into seeing the connections right in front of your eyes.

Let me be this guide for you. Come explore the tarot cards through storytelling. Be amazed at the correlations between your inner and outer world. Learn to use the cards to express what you might not be able to put into words.

In this experiential class, we will use the cards in a backwards fashion. You tell the story before choosing the cards. We all share similar human experiences – love, anxiety, motherhood, discipline, confusion, crisis, healing, exploration, desire, the list is endless.

Put images to your experiences while learning the messages in the cards.

This class is open to all levels and interests. If I could go back in time, I wish I would’ve learned the meaning of the cards intuitively before delving into the assigned meanings.

That said, this approach has helped me deepen my understanding and connection to the symbols.

Come join an interactive group of curious seekers.

Wednesday’s June 7th, 14th and 21st

Fee: $100

The Fool’s Journey through the Tarot



Develop your inner voice through the tarot trumps

Learn the archetypal symbolism and meaning of each major arcana (trump) card. You will develop an intuitive and personal understanding of the tarot through storytelling, active imagination and hands-on practice. Whether you plan to use the cards for others or yourself, this class will give you a tool for self-analysis.

This course is designed to teach the foundation of Tarot from a psychospiritual perspective. We will take the Fools journey through the 22 major arcana, learning to integrate the cards as personal experiences and life lessons. Classes will focus on the meanings of the cards while applying them to hypothetical and personal situations.

Prerequisites: Anyone can take this class. Beginners will be surprised by how much they innately know. My goal is to bring out your inner wisdom by helping you learn the cards in an experiential fashion. Intermediate to advance students will deepen their own knowledge by sharing with other

Materials: You will need to purchase a set of tarot cards or bring your favorite deck.



Minor Arcana: Suits and Numbers


The minor arcana are composed of four suits: swords, cups, wands and pentacles. Each corresponding to a particular element and each containing a specific number. The minor arcana describe the external conditions in life and how they affect and shape the deeper spiritual lessons illustrated in the trumps.

The minor cards also help understand how and why surrounding circumstances unfold as they do. The surface of life is colorful, chaotic and malleable. The minor cards illustrate the everyday dramas and point to hidden possibilities and challenges available in every experience.

Students will learn the meaning of each suit as it pertains to a particular mode of experience: physical, emotional, mental and instinctive. You will also learn the significance of each number and how it modifies the experience. Numbers 1 -10 represent a natural process that unfolds and builds in a particular way.

Students will also learn the significance of the court cards: king, queen, knight and the page as they relate to other people and ones own personality.

Week 1 TBD

Numbers, Elements, and Court Cards

Week 2 September 14th 1:15 – 2:45 p.m


Week 3 September 21st 1:15 – 2:45 p.m.


Week 4 September 28th 1:15 – 2:45 p.m


Week 5 October 5th 1:15 – 2:45 p.m